5 Castles to Visit in Europe

The best part of visiting Europe is getting to see some of the amazing castles there. We've been to quite a few castles over the years and they are still a lot of fun to visit. I'm not sure if we have any favourites as there are so many great castles but here are a few picks of some castles that are worth a visit.

1. Dunnottar Castle - Scotland
This castle is located in Scotland on the east coast not that far from Aberdeen. We visited it on our road trip around Scotland in 2016. We like how it is built on this rocky terrain along the coast. It looks so EPIC! Learn more here.

2. Ljubljana Castle - Slovenia
This castle is located in Ljubljana, Slovenia and the castle is on a big hill overlooking the city. We visited this castle on our backpacking trip around central Europe. Inside there is history exhibits, a marionette museum and art galleries. There is also an amazing view of the city, especially at night. Learn more here.

3. Hohensalzburg Fortress - Austria
This is a castle o…

Top Ten Favourite foods

We live to eat and we travel to eat. Here we have a list of 10 of our favourite foods. All vegan of course. You've probably already guessed a few of them, due to a few of the posts we've already made this month.


We love pizza and there are more and more vegan cheese options out there. When we first went vegan it was a big hassle to get vegan cheese. They only sold it at the health food store. Nowadays it is in just about every grocery store in Canada and more and more pizza places are getting it as an option. Travelling to other cities is a lot of fun for us because we get to try the different vegan pizzas.

We don't go out and buy donuts all the time or make donuts at home but we love getting donuts when we get the chance. We tend to go for the fancier gourmet style donuts since if you're going to eat a donut, you might as well have the best.

Burgers have got to be the most common vegan food option out there. Having a veggie burger on the menu is a prett…

Cool Futuristic Looking Buildings

Looking through our pictures from some of our travels we noticed a few futuristic looking buildings. We collected some of our favourites from our travels for this post on cool futuristic looking buildings. These are some interesting buildings that could be used in a Sci-Fi movie or something.
1. Museum of Pop Culture - Seattle, WA, USA
This building was built in 2000 and it was designed by the architect Frank Gehry. It cost $90 million USD to build. It looks like it's made of crumbled up shiny wrapping paper or tinfoil. The museum inside is all about pop culture such as music, sci-fi, movies, etc. You can find more information here.

2. Wales Millenium Centre - Cardiff, Wales, UK
This building was finished in 2009 and was designed by Jonathan Adams. It was constructed in 2 phases with a total cost of £124.2 million GBP. It is a concert and performance hall that hosts all sorts of events such as concerts and dance performances. For more information click here.
3. 20 Fenchurch Street, L…

Unusual Sightseeing Destinations

We've travelled to quite a few places in North America and Europe and done a lot of sightseeing. We've gone to a number of tourist traps but there is a few that stick out a being very unusual. In most cities, you will find museums, historic architecture, art galleries, markets, and parks which may be unique but they aren't unusual or odd like these tourist traps are. These places are pretty strange and that's why they stuck out to us.

1. Seattle, Washington, USA - Gum Wall
In Seattle, there is an alley called Post Alley near the famous Pike Place market that is covered in chewing gum. People visit the wall and add their gum to it so it gets more and more covered in gum. This is a pretty disgusting tourist attraction and yet tons of tourists visit is every year. I guess we went and saw it because of how strange it is.

The gum wall started in 1993. People started putting gum on the wall and then more and more people added to it until it became a tourist attraction. In 201…

10 Selfies Around the World

With 196 countries around the world, we'd put together our selfies in each country we have been to and a bit about our time there. We've been to quite a few places in Europe and North America and we love looking back on all our travels. It can be easy to forget some of the things we did but our photo collection helps us remember. 

Here are our selfies around the world. We hope you like them.

#1. Canada

This is our home country and we hadn't seen a lot of it so we decided to go on an epic road trip to see Canada. It happened to be Canada's 150th birthday in 2017. That's 150 years since confederation so we had the free Parks Canada Discovery Pass they were giving out that year to get into all the parks for free. We didn't know how far we would make it considering that we were doing the drive in a car we got for free from my sister's friend. We just kept going and before we knew it we were in Cape Breton, Nova Scotia. There were so many places we visited that w…

22 Different Vegan Burgers You Must Try

Hey there burger fans. We've eaten a lot of vegan burgers on our travels. Veggie burgers tend to be one of the most common vegan options out there at restaurants that serve American food. They come in many different forms from housemade to factory made. Some imitate meat, some aren't trying to be meat at all, some are gourmet, some are fast food, some are health-focused, some are the opposite, and there is pretty much a vegan burger for every taste out there.
1. Handmade Burger Co - Various UK Locations

This burger restaurant has many vegan options. Their burgers fall under the not trying to be meat tasting variety. They are excellent and they have a few different types of vegan burgers to choose from. Cineworld movie tickets had 2for1 coupons on the back so we went many a time.

2. Mooshies - London, UK

This is a 100% vegan burger restaurant. They have a unique vegan fish burger that was made using eggplant and nori seaweed. This place is the middle ground between places that …