About Us

Why do we call ourselves Wanderlust Vegans?

First off, wanderlust is a strong desire to travel and a vegan is someone who "seeks to exclude, as far as is possible and practicable, all forms of exploitation of, and cruelty to, animals for food, clothing or any other purpose." We are a married couple from Vancouver Island (Canada) that enjoys travelling to new places and seeking out vegan food so we thought the name fit us well.

We often hear of people going on a gap year after high school before furthering their education but we caught the travel bug a bit later than that. We both went straight from High School onto Higher Education and working without doing any major travelling. Most of our time and money was spent working and going to classes. After going on a few trips here and there (family member's wedding, family reunion, our honeymoon) we became more and more inspired to travel.

We met a couple of Brits in Canada that motivated us to get a 2 year UK working holiday visa, called a Tier 5 YMS visa, which opened the door to more travel opportunities than we had ever had before. We weren't tied down with careers, children or mortgages so there was nothing holding us back from taking off and moving to another country. Thanks to better wages, the UK's 24+ paid holidays, living a budget lifestyle and our close proximity to Europe, we travelled more than we ever expected.

The more travel experience we got the easier it became to travel. Back in Canada, we were motivated to continue to satisfy our wanderlust. Everything is much more spread out in Canada compared to Europe but we went on an ambitious budget road trip across Canada visiting as many National Parks as possible with our free parks pass. Along the way, we entertained ourselves, as always, by blowing all our money at vegan restaurants.

We started our blog as a way to keep our family and friends updated. As we continued to write about our experiences, we fell in love with blogging and making videos. We enjoy taking photos, and videos and then turning them into something that we can look back on fondly. Our blog is like a virtual scrapbook for us. We figure that our travels might be entertaining for others to watch as well so that about sums up why we are doing what we are doing. We love to travel, we're vegan for the animals, and we like to entertain ourselves and others.

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Gothenburg, Sweden

 Also see our blog http://wanderlustveganstravels.blogspot.ca for our travel diaries, monthly updates and tourism.

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