30 Day Zero Waste Challenge

We are doing a zero waste challenge for 30 days! Join us on this adventure as we try to make the world a little greener. We've been seeing more and more people talking about zero waste and we think it is a great idea. In today's society, we take for granted how much of our products come with excessive packaging that is discarded. Not all of it can be recycled either and what is not recycled goes into the landfill. Hopefully, we can learn something and do our part to not make as large an environmental impact as we do already. Cheers!

Zero Waste Nerd: 30 Day Challenge to Zero Waste 

You may be thinking "What do I do with all these plastic bags?" You can return them to the store that you got them from and they will recycle them. Or you can return them to a recycling centre.

OR you can get creative and make mats for camping, sleepovers or for donating to people sleeping on the streets.

We had an easy time with some of the daily challenges because we already do them.

These challenges were not an issue for us so we decided to make a video of our first shopping trip trying to buy waste free.

Note that we are using zip lock bags that we already owned and we are reusing them. There are many bags/containers you can buy, or make yourself, that you can use to shop for produce and bulk food. In fact, Bulk Barn sells a lot of these containers. However, we didn't want to go out and purchase new stuff to be waste-free as that would defeat the purpose. Obviously, don't go out and buy zip lock bags to do a waste-free challenge but try to work with what you have already.

We even attempted to make a zero waste recipe to share! We tried to think of what the easiest zero waste recipe would be and still be delicious. We succeeded and hope that this recipe is good enough for you to make.

Check out the link to the recipe: http://www.wanderlustvegans.com/2017/11/wanderlust-vegans-kitchen-easy-soup.html

Continuing our zero waste challenge and we ran out of milk. Luckily there is a way to make plant-based milk with products you can buy in the bulk section. We decided to make oat milk since we had some oats available. It is pretty easy and it costs a fraction of the price you pay for store bought oat milk.

It's been a few days since we did an update video but we decided to do a video going through a bunch of the daily challenges. We also showed our Bulk Barn food haul.

And here is the finale! How did we do on our challenge?

Thank you for watching and following along with our challenge!