30 Day Challenges

We love 30-day challenges. Word of the street is it takes 21 days to break or create habits. We are putting that to the test with our 30-day challenges.

Here are the 30-day challenges we have completed.

30-Day Zero Waste Challenge - We did a great job in shopping for food zero waste but we might have gone a little half-assed when it came to completing some of the daily challenges. To be fair, some of the daily challenges were a bit too challenging or stuff that didn't come up for us in the month. The basic idea was improving our skills at reducing, reusing and recycling so we feel it was worthwhile.

30-Day Minimalism ChallengeAfter the 30 days, we didn't end of donating 30 items each. Yes, we narrowed down our 60 items, but some of these items we need until we move back to Canada. We will get rid of them then. This includes our bedding, towels and kitchen stuff. There are also a few items of clothing we will be donating before we leave. Such as PJ pants, old shirts and socks. We need to replace these items, but we will wait until we get back to Canada. We also have some clothing in Canada that may replace these items. 

30-Day Instagram ChallengeDoing a 30 Day Instagram Challange was fun and got us a lot of blog traffic. We got to hone our Instagram skills and thinking up blurps to write about some of our favourite travel photos. We probably won't post every day going forward but it was pretty fun. We will up our Instagram game from now on. We felt like we were apart of a little IG community.

Our New Years Resolution is to do a 30-day challenge every month.

30-Day Walking Challenge - We liked that this challenge gave us an easy way to get in some exercise. Walking also helps us think and just talk about anything and everything on our minds. We were able to come up with some plans for our future. Walking really gets your mind working in ways that sitting around wouldn't. Some days we used walking as an excuse to walk to our errands. Basically tricking ourselves into exercising to get stuff done. It was also nice to catch up with each other after the days we spent apart. Walking every day got us out of the house and motivated to do something with the day.

30-Days of Love Challenge - We liked that this challenge made us feel good about ourselves. It is really nice to receive and pay other compliments.

30-Days of No Complaining Challenge - We liked that this challenge made us more aware of how often we do complain. We were able to stop ourselves when we were just complaining just for something to do.

C25k Challenge - Now that we have completed the C25k program, we have come up with a game plan to keep ourselves motivated for the next 8-weeks. When these next 8-weeks are over, we will come up with a new plan to keep ourselves moving forward and to continue running! Check back in 8-weeks and we will see if we have completed our new running goal.

30-Days of Blogging Challenge - We liked that this challenged help us brainstorm ideas. We typically post 8 posts a month, so adding another 22 to the month was a lot of work! We liked that this challenge got us to write posts we wouldn't normally.

30 Days of Meditation - What we liked about this challenge is that it made us stop and be in the moment for a little bit of our day. It was nice to be in the meditation together and we found a lot of great meditations on "Insight Timer" - We highly recommend this app.

30 Days of NO Social Media - What we liked about this challenge is that it was removing a habit, whereas all of our past challenges have been adding a new habit. It was nice to just not do anything. We talked, watched movies, played board games, read books, listened to audiobooks, played guitar, etc. It was nice to do some of the other things we enjoy doing.