30 Days of No Social Media

For our sixth challenge, we have pulled "No Social Media". After a month of connecting to ourselves on a spiritual level, why not reconnect with ourselves off of social media! Am I right?! This includes most internet and games.


1. No Social Media for personal use.  (We may go on to post our blogs, but we cannot check notifications or respond to them)
2. No Games on devices

We are a little nervous about this challenge, as we turn to social media when we get bored. What will we do when there is nothing else?! Strike up a conversation with a stranger? Read a book?!

The point of this challenge is to be more productive in our lives and move away from relying on social media as a form of entertainment.

Day 1:
Twice I found myself sitting with IG or Facebook open. I was scrolling and I didn't even realise it! I had to log off of the accounts (I wish my phone would let me delete them.) Seeing the little 1 notification is hard to resist.

This morning I went into autopilot and reached for the tablet to play my game to wake myself up. I remembered the challenge and played music instead.

Day 2:
Out of boredom at work, I found myself opening Instagram, not once but twice! 

Day 3:
It only took us 3 days to get out of the habit of wanting to check our games or social media accounts.


Day 14:
I was really bored at work, and I couldn't really pull out a book and start reading. All of our cleanings were done and we all sat around on our phone. It would have been nice if I could mindlessly scroll my social media or play my game. What did we use to do when we were bored at work?

Day 16:
One of us went out of town for two weeks, and since we share a mobile phone the travelling one took it. This means, that in order to contact someone to arrange meeting points, I had to use Instagram, as she doesn't have Whatsapp. My strategy for this is to open the app, but cover the screen with my hand leaving the right-hand corner visible where IG messenger is and click that open. Once open all I can see is messenger. This is the only way I can contact her, which we agreed was a healthy way to utilize social media. 

Day 17:
Waiting for my flights and sitting around a hotel room, I wanted to play my games.

Day 21:
Instagram started sending us emails about what posts we have been missing since we haven't signed on. 

Day 24:
We haven't missed social media or our games. We got a lot of reading, listening to audiobooks and other random stuff we have been putting off. It has been really refreshing.

Day 30:  
After a while, you just don't care about social media.

What we liked about this challenge is that it was removing a habit, whereas all of our past challenges have been adding a new habit. It was nice to just not do anything. We talked, watched movies, played board games, read books, listened to audiobooks, played guitar, etc. It was nice to do some of the other things we enjoy doing.

Overall, the challenge was pretty easy. The time we had urges to go onto Facebook or Youtube was when our friends would send us links from social media sites to click on. We just politely told them we were doing a challenge and would possibly look when the challenge was over.

Going forward, we are removing most social media and games from our personal devices. We really don't need them on there.

For our seventh challenge, we have pulled "Play a Musical Instrument". After a month of keeping ourselves busy with other things in our lives other than social media, we thought playing the guitar on a regular basis would be fun.


1. Play/Learn guitar for 30-minutes a day.

Let us know if you are joining in with our Playing an Instrument challenge!