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30 Days of No Social Media

For our sixth challenge, we have pulled "No Social Media". After a month of connecting to ourselves on a spiritual level, why not reconnect with ourselves off of social media! Am I right?! This includes most internet and games.


1. No Social Media for personal use.  (We may go on to post our blogs, but we cannot check notifications or respond to them)
2. No Games on devices

We are a little nervous about this challenge, as we turn to social media when we get bored. What will we do when there is nothing else?! Strike up a conversation with a stranger? Read a book?!

The point of this challenge is to be more productive in our lives and move away from relying on social media as a form of entertainment.

Day 1:
Twice I found myself sitting with IG or Facebook open. I was scrolling and I didn't even realise it! I had to log off of the accounts (I wish my phone would let me delete them.) Seeing the little 1 notification is hard to resist.

This morning I went into autopilot a…