Top 5 Travel Pet Peeves

Our experience travelling has overall been very positive. Even though it has been great travelling to other countries and within our own country there are some pet peeves we have that are travel related. These are the things that happen during travel that really bug us and we wish they didn't happen so much. This list is not really in any particular order. They are all annoying and all travel pet peeves of ours.

1. Delays

I think that it is safe to say that everyone hates delays. When we were flying from Barcelona to London our flight was delayed for 8 hours. We had checked on our flight the night before and before we went to the airport but there was no indication that it was delayed until we got through security at the airport. All we could do was wait in the airport. Delays are worse if it affects connections. We barely made our flight to Las Vegas because of a delay and we've had countless trains that were late and messed up our plans.

2. Unexpected Charges

This pretty much comes down to not reading the fine print. Your bank can charge you fees depending on how you use your debit card in another country or to book a hotel. Also, quite a few hotels in Europe and the USA charge a tax that you pay after your stay. When you go on a cruise you might not be aware of the daily service charges you have to pay at the end. Sometimes airlines charge additional fees for selecting seats or for checked luggage and there are hotels that charge for wifi. If you go to a hostel they might charge for bedding. There are all sorts of unexpected charges out there and it is annoying and if you call anyone on these things you are reminded that it is all in the fine print.

3. Vegan Food Deserts

There are more and more vegan food options out there every day. It's not all that difficult to find vegan food anywhere you go with a little research. That being said we have had a few times that we find ourselves in a vegan food desert. This always seems to be when we go to the waterfront of a city like when we were at the beach near Den Haag. The same happened to us in Seattle. It's annoying but sometimes you just have to go to another part of town to get some vegan food since oceanfront tourist spots are very seafood focussed.

4. Running Out of Batteries

This is definitely one of the worst things that can happen for us making this travel blog. Sometimes we forget to charge the camera battery and then we can't use the camera. We go out wandering around wherever we happen to be and we can't get pictures of any of it. It can be frustrating. We try to not let this happen. Otherwise, we have actually run out of batteries because we were filming too much. Our batteries were fully charged but we saw so much stuff to take a picture of and video that our full batteries died on us. This is frustrating but much better than getting no footage at all.

5. Unuseable Pictures/Video

This is one of those things that we don't notice until later when we are putting the blog together or editing a video. Sometimes we have one blurry picture of something significant and we can't do anything about it. We can't afford to go back to Paris just because a bunch of our pictures of the landmarks are blurry. Often we watch our videos at home and in them we are talking over each other or we say stuff that we regret. It can make it a challenge to make a good video if we don't have good footage. Again, most of these videos are taken in travel destinations we aren't going to go back to again or at least in the foreseeable future. This is annoying because some of our youtube videos of our favourite trips don't do the trip justice. It's all for fun though.

Those are our Top 5 Travel Pet Peeves. All annoying and we do our best to avoid these things happening to us. We read the fine print, we plan our meals, we charge our batteries and we do our best to take the best footage we can or at least take a lot of footage. It's difficult to avoid delays but we try to have a backup plan and book connections that allow for delays. Thankfully, with a bit of preparation and luck, we usually avoid all these pet peeves.


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