Nerd Alert! 6 Nerdy Museums to Visit.

There are all sorts of obscure hobbies and interests out there and there are quite a few places to visit that are a little different from the typical museum or tourist spot. These museums aren't for the uninitiated but we would like to share them. For those about to nerd, we salute you.

1. National Video Game Museum Nottingham

This is a great place for all the gamers out there, especially those interested in old school gaming. If you like gaming from all different eras then check this place out. They have pretty much every gaming console ever in existence and you can try out lots of them. After paying admission you can play the gaming consoles unlimited.

2. Cartoonmuseum Basel

This is for all you comic book and cartoon fans out there. This museum is more geared towards alternative and underground comics. They host different travelling exhibits. We went there when they had a Robert Crumb exhibition. He is a well known underground comics artist and the museum had a lot of his work on display.

3. The Cartoon Museum in London

Another museum for cartoon and comics fans. They have all sorts of British comics on display including the British Dennis the Menace and Judge Dread. Expect to see just British comics from newspaper comics to comic books. We weren't familiar with most of the stuff here honestly.

4. Bletchley Park/National Museum of Computing

This is for people into computers as it is all about code breaking, the enigma machine, Alan Turing and the very beginning of the computer age. Have you seen The Imitation Game with Benedict Cumberbatch? Maybe watch it before checking out Bletchley Park. This is for those interested in history and technology.

5. Librarie Drawn and Quarterly Montreal

This is not really a museum but we will lump it in with this list anyway. This is the book store that is an offshoot of the independent comic publisher Drawn and Quarterly that publishes some of the finest alternative/non-superhero comics out there. This is a small shop but they have all the most exciting new titles available today in the world of underground and alternative comics. It's just a comic book store worth checking out if you like those kinds of comics.

6. Ramones Museum Berlin

For all the Ramones fans, this little museum has a bunch of Ramones memorabilia including posters, jackets, instruments and everything you can imagine. There is also a bunch of signed pictures on the wall from different musicians that have visited the museum.


Wollaton Hall and Deer Park aka Wayne Manor aka Batman's House

This is a bonus one since it's not really a museum related to Batman. This is a big manor house just outside of Nottingham (UK) that was used as Wayne Manor in the Christian Bale Batman movies. Be warned that inside is a Natural History Museum i.e. a collection of taxidermy. Anyway, this is Batman's house. It looks like sometimes they do outdoor screenings of the Batman movies but this might not be an ongoing thing as the movies get older.

Hopefully, that was a fun post to read, These are just a few of the nerdiest museums we've been to and they are definitely worth checking out even if you aren't a huge nerd. We could have put every museum on here I suppose but we tried to just stick to stuff that was obscure. Are you a nerd? What is the nerdiest place you've ever visited?