Cities with Awesome Street Art

Whenever we are visiting a new city we like to go walking around. When you walk around you can't help but notice when there is great street art. We've been to a few cities that have lots of high-quality street art. Some of it has to be commissioned work but either way, these are some of the places we found great stuff. We love checking out street art, graffiti and murals. Whatever you want to call the art, we love it. Here's our pick of cities with awesome street art. These are in no particular order.

1. Birmingham

There is a lot of great street art in Brum, especially in the neighbourhood called Digbeth. We made this video on the Best Sights of Birmingham and there is a lot of street art in the video so it's worth checking out to see what we mean about Birmingham having a lot of quality street art.

2. Bristol

We saw a lot of street art in Bristol when we visited for Veg Fest and we especially liked this parrot. There didn't seem to be one particular part of town where we saw street art. It was all over the place.
The infamous graffiti artist Banksy is from Bristol and we happened to see one of his pieces while we were there.

3. Montreal

When we weren't eating delicious vegan sushi in Montreal we were looking at street art. They actually have a Mural festival which is why there is so much high-quality street art around. A lot of the art is gigantic and it's really cool to walk around and look at it all.

4. London

One great spot to find street art in London is the Brick Lane and Shoreditch area. There is a lot of stuff going on there and if you go down the back alleys there is more unexpected street art that will amaze you.
There are street art tours in London that will take you to see a bunch of Banksy's work and stuff like that.

5. Bergen

I guess we didn't know a whole lot about Bergen but we were surprised at the amount of great street art all over. We even saw some stuff by Nychos which is an artist we've seen on Instagram.

6. Berlin

There is a ton or art along the Berlin Wall but also you will find cool stuff randomly throughout the city. The east side has a lot of street art and you can go on street art tours like a lot of cities with good street art.

7. Las Vegas

Downtown Las Vegas is the place to go to see street art in LV. We saw this giant piece by Shepard Fairey aka Obey Giant right outside our hotel.

8. Paris

We had heard of this street artist called Invader before from the documentary Exit Through the Gift Shop. He does these pieces that art 8-bit video game characters made with little tiles.

We saw these video game tiles all over Paris on our trip there.

9. Zagreb

There is a neat park called Art Park with a bunch of different murals and stuff in Zagreb, Croatia. We went there on a backpacking trip of central Europe. The other cool part of the park is this WWII era tunnel you can go in. Check out Art Park and see the tunnel.

10. Reykjavik

Just walking around the city we saw street art all over. It seems like every building in the downtown area has some art on it which makes it fun to look around. The buildings themselves in Reykjavik are pretty plain so the street art really makes it much more interesting.

Whether you're exploring a city on your own or taking a guided street art tour, street art is a lot of fun to look at. It's there is so much amazing art to see outside for free and all you have to do is find it. It's like a scavenger hunt! Some times street art even makes it into a museum like we saw in Gloucester.