5 Most Unpopular Posts

We've been blogging for a few years now and consistently putting out blog posts two times per week. The posts have really started to add up and it is interesting for us to look at the stats in blogger to see how many page views each blog gets. Most of our blogs tend to get about 1000 to 2000 views. We have some with much more than that and some with much less. 

Here are our most unpopular blog posts. These are our blog posts with shockingly low views.

5. Summer Festivities at 100 views
3. Up and Autumn 2015 at 84 views
1. Resolution for 2016 at 56 views
Wanderlust Vegans

Most of these posts are monthly blog posts that we write to sum up what we were up to in each month. We recap what we were up to and what blog posts we have written since it can take us a while before we post something about a trip we went on. Anyway, looking at these posts and their shortfalls helps us to improve our blog and learn from our mistakes.