30 Days of Meditation

For our fifth challenge, we have pulled "Meditation". We thought meditation would help us figure out where/what we need to be in our lives next. We hope to become more relaxed and have clearer intentions for our future. We have used the app headspace before and really liked it. This time we will be using an app called Insight Timer. We have heard many good things about this app and hope it's great!


1. Meditate 10+ minutes every day
2. Meditate at least 30-minutes once a week
3. Total of 380 minutes of Meditation

Let us know if you are joining in with our Meditation challenge!

Day 1:   10 Minutes 
Day 2:   30 Minutes
Day 3:   10 Minutes
Day 4:   10 Minutes
Day 5:   10 Minutes
Day 6:   10 Minutes
Day 7:   ☹️

Day 8:   30 Minutes
Day 9:   17 Minutes
Day 10: 10 Minutes
Day 11: ☹️
Day 12: 10 Minutes
Day 13: 15 Minutes
Day 14: 17 Minutes

Day 15: 9 Minutes
Day 16: 11 Minutes
Day 17: ☹️
Day 18: ☹️
Day 19: 30 Minutes
Day 20: 13 Minutes
Day 21: 11 Minutes

Day 22: 22 Minutes
Day 23: 11 Minutes
Day 24: 6 Minutes
Day 25: 22 Minutes
Day 26: 11 Minutes
Day 27: ☹️
Day 28: 14 Minutes

Day 29: 11 Minutes + 10 Minutes
Day 30: 20 Minutes

Total: 380 Minutes

What we liked about this challenge is that it made us stop and be in the moment for a little bit of our day. It was nice to be in the meditation together and we found a lot of great meditations on "Insight Timer" - We highly recommend this app.

This challenge was harder than you would expect! It's hard to remember to do it and we ended up cramming it into the end of our day. This was a mistake as we would meditate in bed and fall asleep. I feel though, that we got some pretty good sleep this month!

Overall, it was hard to remember to set time aside to meditate. Especially since we have different schedules. Also, do you count a meditation if you fall asleep?!?

Going forward, we want to meditate 30 minutes at least once a week. Obviously more is better, but we don't want to scare ourselves off! Adding meditation to our life has been a great challenge.

For our sixth challenge, we have pulled "No Social Media". After a month of connecting to ourselves on a spiritual level, why not reconnect with ourselves off of social media! Am I right?! This includes most internet and games.


1. No Social Media for personal use.  (We may go on to post our blogs, but we cannot check notifications or respond to them)
2. No Games on devices

Let us know if you are joining in with our No Social Media challenge! (And we will know once the challenge is over!!) haha.