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30 Days of Meditation

For our fifth challenge, we have pulled "Meditation". We thought meditation would help us figure out where/what we need to be in our lives next. We hope to become more relaxed and have clearer intentions for our future. We have used the app headspace before and really liked it. This time we will be using an app called Insight Timer. We have heard many good things about this app and hope it's great!


1. Meditate 10+ minutes every day
2. Meditate at least 30-minutes once a week
3. Total of 380 minutes of Meditation

Let us know if you are joining in with our Meditation challenge!

Day 1:   10 Minutes 
Day 2:   30 Minutes
Day 3:   10 Minutes
Day 4:   10 Minutes
Day 5:   10 Minutes
Day 6:   10 Minutes
Day 7:   ☹️

Day 8:   30 Minutes
Day 9:   17 Minutes
Day 10: 10 Minutes
Day 11: ☹️
Day 12: 10 Minutes
Day 13: 15 Minutes
Day 14: 17 Minutes

Day 15: 9 Minutes
Day 16: 11 Minutes
Day 17: ☹️
Day 18: ☹️
Day 19: 30 Minutes
Day 20: 13 Minutes
Day 21: 11 Minutes

Day 22: 22 Minutes

5 Most Unpopular Posts

We've been blogging for a few years now and consistently putting out blog posts two times per week. The posts have really started to add up and it is interesting for us to look at the stats in blogger to see how many page views each blog gets. Most of our blogs tend to get about 1000 to 2000 views. We have some with much more than that and some with much less. 
Here are our most unpopular blog posts. These are our blog posts with shockingly low views.
5. Summer Festivities at 100 views 4. Fredericia Denmark - Seaside Town at 98 views 3. Up and Autumn 2015 at 84 views 2. Spring Into More Fun Living Abroad at 75 views 1. Resolution for 2016 at 56 views
Most of these posts are monthly blog posts that we write to sum up what we were up to in each month. We recap what we were up to and what blog posts we have written since it can take us a while before we post something about a trip we went on. Anyway, looking at these posts and their shortfalls helps us to improve our blog and learn fro…

Nerd Alert! 6 Nerdy Museums to Visit.

There are all sorts of obscure hobbies and interests out there and there are quite a few places to visit that are a little different from the typical museum or tourist spot. These museums aren't for the uninitiated but we would like to share them. For those about to nerd, we salute you.

1. National Video Game Museum Nottingham

This is a great place for all the gamers out there, especially those interested in old school gaming. If you like gaming from all different eras then check this place out. They have pretty much every gaming console ever in existence and you can try out lots of them. After paying admission you can play the gaming consoles unlimited.

2. Cartoonmuseum Basel

This is for all you comic book and cartoon fans out there. This museum is more geared towards alternative and underground comics. They host different travelling exhibits. We went there when they had a Robert Crumb exhibition. He is a well known underground comics artist and the museum had a lot of his work o…

Cities with Awesome Street Art

Whenever we are visiting a new city we like to go walking around. When you walk around you can't help but notice when there is great street art. We've been to a few cities that have lots of high-quality street art. Some of it has to be commissioned work but either way, these are some of the places we found great stuff. We love checking out street art, graffiti and murals. Whatever you want to call the art, we love it. Here's our pick of cities with awesome street art. These are in no particular order.

1. Birmingham
There is a lot of great street art in Brum, especially in the neighbourhood called Digbeth. We made this video on the Best Sights of Birmingham and there is a lot of street art in the video so it's worth checking out to see what we mean about Birmingham having a lot of quality street art.

2. Bristol
We saw a lot of street art in Bristol when we visited for Veg Fest and we especially liked this parrot. There didn't seem to be one particular part of town w…

Top 5 Travel Pet Peeves

Our experience travelling has overall been very positive. Even though it has been great travelling to other countries and within our own country there are some pet peeves we have that are travel related. These are the things that happen during travel that really bug us and we wish they didn't happen so much. This list is not really in any particular order. They are all annoying and all travel pet peeves of ours.
1. Delays
I think that it is safe to say that everyone hates delays. When we were flying from Barcelona to London our flight was delayed for 8 hours. We had checked on our flight the night before and before we went to the airport but there was no indication that it was delayed until we got through security at the airport. All we could do was wait in the airport. Delays are worse if it affects connections. We barely made our flight to Las Vegas because of a delay and we've had countless trains that were late and messed up our plans.
2. Unexpected Charges
This pretty muc…