Vegan Pizza On Our Travels

When we first went vegan we thought that we were waving pizza goodbye but then we found out that there is actually such a thing as vegan pizza and the variety of vegan pizza out there is growing every day. We've tried all sorts of vegan pizza out there and in no particular order, we are going to talk about some of our pizza eating highlights.

This has got to be one of the all-time best vegan pizza's out there. Mr. Singh's is an all vegetarian pizza place that offers vegan cheese to make their pizza's vegan. They have a wide variety of toppings and also have veggie meats such as pepperoni and sausage as well. The crust here is medium but you can ask for the thin crust too. Also, the pizza is very greasy which is probably why it tastes so good. Greasy can be good! I'd say this wins for the cheesiest vegan pizza out there. We always go for the vegan pepperoni pizza!

2. Panago - Various Locations in Canada

Located across Canada but mainly in British Columbia. This is a mainstream pizza chain that has lots of vegan options. They have many vegan toppings and the pizzas are customizable. They use Daiya Cheese and have a multigrain crust option. The crust is medium thickness and the multigrain is very filling. They now have a pizza called the Vegan Deluxe Pepperoni with vegan pepperoni slices which are really good. This is definitely our favourite fast food pizza.

3. Famoso Neapolitan Pizza - Victoria, Canada

Canadian based Neopolitan style pizza chain. They offer a vegan option with either no cheese or vegan cheese. They use Daiya. This place has arugula as a topping and white truffle oil as well. Fancy, smancy! You can also get salads and stuff here too. They also have lunch specials! 

4. Pizza Express - Various UK Locations

This is a pizza chain all over the UK and in Ireland branded as Milanos for some reason. They have a vegan pizza on their menu with vegan cheese now. I think it must be the sauce or the toppings but it is really good. They also have a pineapple chutney you can put on the pizza that we would recommend. We are in the pro pineapple on pizza camp. Sorry, not sorry haters. Pizza express is everywhere in the UK so you could probably get by as a vegan travelling around the UK just going to Pizza Express.

5. The Stable Various UK Locations 

Another chain of pizzerias in the UK. They have 3 different vegetarian options that can be made vegan and now they offer rice mozzarella which is very good. The Birmingham location has the Four Cheese pizza (which would be your basic cheese pizza if you veganize it), the James Brindley which has potatoes on it and Billy the Kid with its mushrooms. This place is a cider bar as well so if you like cider this is the pizza place for you.

6. Hank Pizza. Paris, France

This is the sister restaurant of Hank Burger. It follows the pizza by the slice style we've seen other places in Europe with rectangle pieces. We liked it for the combos, petit or grand, which include a side and drink. The topping choices were great as well. It seems to be fairly healthy by pizza standards.

7. Apiecalypse Now! Toronto, Canada

Toronto based pizza place with outrageous toppings and creative pizza names. They make their pizzas from scratch and you can get a faux meat-lovers pizza called the pig destroyer or a mac and cheese pizza. The pizza of the month pizza when we were there was a big mac flavoured pizza. This place is a lot of fun and we'd highly recommend going when in Toronto.

8. Veggie Supreme. Wolverhampton, UK

This is another UK based pizza parlour. It is vegetarian but they have vegan options including a vegan jerk chicken pizza which is such a great pizza topping idea. That alone is a reason to go to Veggie Supreme. It tastes similar to Mr. Singh's pizza but not as greasy.

9. Pop-Up Pizza - Las Vegas, USA

This pizza just has an amazing thin crust style with tasty topping combinations and whatever vegan cheese they used was delicious. It was quick and easy to get a slice when we were hungry. A traditional pizza by the slice pizzeria kind of place.

10. Picky Wops - London, UK

This place is really unique in that they have a wide selection of flours you can choose from for their pizza bases. That being said we went for the plain regular flour but it was really good with the stuffed crust. I'm not sure if we have seen a stuffed crust vegan pizza anywhere else. Look how fat that crust is!

11. Novopizza - Edinburgh, Scotland

This place offered a vegan white pizza which is not something you see every day. They make the think crust Italian style pizzas in a sit down Italian pizzeria setting.

12. Firecrust Custom Salads + Pizzas - Vancouver, Canada

We were trying to get the vegan pizza place in Vancouver called Virtuous Pie to deliver to our hotel but we called and they said you'd have to download an app to our phone to get it delivered and that wasn't working for us. Luckily we found this place close by where you order your pizza like Subway choosing your toppings. They have vegan faux meats from Yamchops and quite a few vegan options. It was great.

13. Evel Pie Las Vegas, Nevada

This pizza was great because the base/crust was a really nice one on the thinner side and the pizzas were huge. The pizza box is also pretty badass. Looking at that giant pizza with mushrooms and jalapenos all over it is making my mouth water right now. This is one of those pizzas where you fold the slice in half while you eat it. Delicious!

Well, if you made it this far in the post then chances are you are now hungry for some vegan pizza. It's funny that we thought by going vegan we were never going to have pizza again and then fast forward to the present where we should probably consider eating less pizza. Our pizza intake has remained steady and vegan pizza has definitely been improving since we've gone vegan.

There are a couple pizza places we still need to check out. If we ever find ourselves in Brooklyn NY we need to check out Screamer's Pizza because their Instagram posts are outstandingly delicious looking. Closer by we still need to check out Virtuous Pie in Vancouver but we don't seem to visit Van too often. Closer still we need to check out Mambo Pizza in Nanaimo as they have vegan options as well but we haven't tried yet since Panago pizza is cheaper and has vegan pepperoni.