Vegan Donuts To Live For

Here are all the amazing gourmet vegan donuts we've had the pleasure of trying. Donuts aren't typically made vegan so at the moment you have to search out places that specialize in vegan donuts or have a vegan option among their other donuts. We've found a number of places that make vegan donuts and luckily all of them turned out to be great. Whenever we find them we jump at the opportunity. Hopefully, you get a chance to visit these donut shops if you are ever close by.

Cartems Donuts - Vancouver, BC, Canada

This place has quite a few vegan options and their smoked maple walnut donut is quite possibly the greatest donut either of us has ever tasted. It is absolutely amazing. The other donuts we got were great as well but we wished we had just got a whole box of the smoked maple walnut donuts after we took our first bites. I think the other flavours included double chocolate, earl grey, and vanilla bean.

Brammibal's Donuts -  Berlin, Germany

The great thing about Brammibal's is that they have lots of unique flavours. We have no idea what ones we got the day we went but their website lists all sorts of creative sounding flavours. All we remember was that they were so good we ate the whole box in one sitting. The Donut shop is 100% vegan and they make all their donuts fresh every day. They taste amazing.

Donut Bar - Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

The first day we went to Donut Bar all the vegan donuts were sold out. We had to wake up early and be door crashers the next day to make sure we got all the best vegan donuts and I'm glad we tried these. They were delicious and they were huge too. We tried all of the vegan donuts available that day. They do vary daily. We had the creme brulee, the apple fritter, chocolate with sprinkles, and the big whipped cream and strawberries donut. Whatever it's called.

Ruby's of London - London, UK

This is a market stall at Greenwich Market in London, UK. We tried the chocolate chai donut. It was delicious. They have all sorts of baked goods but these donuts caught our eyes. Excellent flavour.

Crosstown Doughnuts Marylebone London, UK

We went to the Marylebone location which is this chain's dedicated vegan store. They have a large variety of donuts to choose from and we went with the Vegan Peanut Butter Berry and the Vegan Coconut & Lime. The Vegan Coconut & Lime is filled with delicious coconut custard! Their donuts are very well decorated.

Cookies and Scream London, UK

This is probably our favourite place to get dessert because of their amazing vegan milkshakes but they also have other treats like these oven baked chocolate covered vegan donuts. Yum!

Co-op & Morrisons Various UK Locations

It's worth noting that there are decent vegan donuts available dirt cheap in the UK at Morrisons and Co-op. You can get a whole package of 5 or 6 donuts for less than one of the gourmet donuts at these other donut shops. Co-op's custard donuts are accidentally vegan and they are great!

Glam Doll Donuts Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA

Make sure you go to the Eat Street location (2605 Nicollet Ave S) as they are the location that carries vegan donuts. We found that out the hard way. The had a few vegan donuts to choose from when we were there. I think we bought all of the varieties of vegan ones but the ones they carry seem to vary day to day or depending on what is left by the time you show up. As you can see we got a vegan apple fritter and some chocolate and vanilla donuts with sprinkles. They have a bigger vegan selection on their website with lots of other choices.

Pomodoro E Basilico London, UK

This is an Italian vegan food stall that is based out of London, UK. They sell all sorts of baked goods from various market stalls around the city and you can also find them at festivals in the UK. The easiest way to find where they are next is through their Facebook page. The often have a bunch of delicious vegan donuts. We especially like the ones they have that are coated with cinnamon sugar. We have bought donuts from them a few times as they always look so good.

We hoped you liked reading about some of the best vegan donuts out there. It seems like every major city has at least one place where you can get a vegan donut. Nothing near you? Start up your own vegan donut shop!