Unusual Sightseeing Destinations

We've travelled to quite a few places in North America and Europe and done a lot of sightseeing. We've gone to a number of tourist traps but there is a few that stick out a being very unusual. In most cities, you will find museums, historic architecture, art galleries, markets, and parks which may be unique but they aren't unusual or odd like these tourist traps are. These places are pretty strange and that's why they stuck out to us.

1. Seattle, Washington, USA - Gum Wall

In Seattle, there is an alley called Post Alley near the famous Pike Place market that is covered in chewing gum. People visit the wall and add their gum to it so it gets more and more covered in gum. This is a pretty disgusting tourist attraction and yet tons of tourists visit is every year. I guess we went and saw it because of how strange it is.

The gum wall started in 1993. People started putting gum on the wall and then more and more people added to it until it became a tourist attraction. In 2015 they completely cleaned the wall because the gum was eroding the bricks. People then readded gum to the wall and it is now completely covered in chewing gum once again so you can visit it if you want.
 You have to be a bit careful where you step when you are on the street. Also, don't lean against the wall!
 When we visited Seattle it was in 2014 before the gum wall was cleaned. There were tons of people there.

2. Czech Republic - Sedlec Ossuary

The Sedlec Ossuary aka the Bone Church is a small chapel in the Czech Republic that has decorations inside that are made of human bones. It is truly a bizarre sight to see.
 The story is that back in the 13th century there was an abbot from Sedlec that visited the holy land and he brought back some dirt from the holy land which he spread around the Sedlec Cemetary.
People heard about the holy dirt and the cemetery became a popular place to be buried. During the Black Death, a lot of people were dying in Europe so as you can imagine the Sedlec cemetery became very full. Thousands of people were buried there and their bones were uncovered when the construction of a church started on the cemetery site. Thousands of bones were uncovered and the Sedlec monks stacked the bones in the ossuary built below the church.

Then in 1870, a woodcarver named Frantisek Rint was hired to organize the bones and he created all these bizarre sculptures, chandeliers, coat of arms and stuff out of the bones. I'm not sure if that's what was in mind when he was hired but here we are 100s of years later visiting this church because of his strange work.
 Now the church is a tourist attraction that attraction 200,000 people a year.
 This is definitely the weirdest tourist sightseeing destination we've ever visited. There are places with more bones such as the Catacombs of Paris but they aren't arranged into sculptures there like they are at the Bone Church/Sedlec Ossuary. It is definitely an unusual sightseeing destination.

3. Wales, UK - Portmeirion

This is an unusual village because it looks sort of like an Italian village but it isn't in Italy it's in North Wales. There was an architect named  Sir Clough Williams-Ellis who wanted to recreate the Mediterranean in North Wales so he designed and built this village between 1925 and 1975. It's a pretty epic construction considering that it's not a real town where people live and work.
 It was used as a set for the 1960s British thriller TV series The Prisoner and that is a bit what the village feels like. It feels like it is a movie set or a resort or a theme park.
 Today it is a charitable trust and you pay an entry fee to enter Portmeirion. You can stay here at the hotel and they have shopping, restaurants and a spa. I don't believe there is anyone that lives in Portmeirion, the only people you are likely to see are tourists and the people that work in the shops.
 It definitely doesn't look like the rest of Wales in terms of architecture and colour. The architect made Portmeirion wild and colourful using whatever materials and salvaged buildings were available to him.
It's not too often that an architect gets to create a whole village like this one. We went there in the summer of 2018.

We hope you liked reading about some unusual sightseeing destinations. These are the three that stuck out to us. They are each unusual in their own way but we figured they were all worth writing about and sharing. If you liked reading about these places then check out our trips to Seattle, Czech Republic and Wales. What is the strangest tourist attraction you've been to?