Top Ten Favourite foods

We live to eat and we travel to eat. Here we have a list of 10 of our favourite foods. All vegan of course. You've probably already guessed a few of them, due to a few of the posts we've already made this month.

  1. Pizza

    We love pizza and there are more and more vegan cheese options out there. When we first went vegan it was a big hassle to get vegan cheese. They only sold it at the health food store. Nowadays it is in just about every grocery store in Canada and more and more pizza places are getting it as an option. Travelling to other cities is a lot of fun for us because we get to try the different vegan pizzas.
  2. Donuts

    We don't go out and buy donuts all the time or make donuts at home but we love getting donuts when we get the chance. We tend to go for the fancier gourmet style donuts since if you're going to eat a donut, you might as well have the best.
  3. Burgers

    Burgers have got to be the most common vegan food option out there. Having a veggie burger on the menu is a pretty mainstream thing. Most restaurants have a veggie burger. We've had a ton of veggie burgers all over, all different sorts and we still love them. Sometimes we try to order other stuff besides a veggie burger because otherwise, all our food pictures for our blog are veggie burgers.
  4. Mac and Cheese

    We both ate a lot of Kraft Dinner growing up and we like ordering this is restaurants when there are vegan mac and cheese on the menu. We have also made it a number of times following different recipes and we still love it.
  5. Peanut Sauce Stirfry

    This is definitely our go-to meal. We cook up a big stirfry with lots of broccoli, and other veggies, tofu and then top it all with delicious peanut sauce. We usually serve it with noodles or rice. It never seems to get old and broccoli is healthy right?
  6. Wraps/Burritos

    We love Mexican food and you can often get vegan options in Mexican restaurants even if it involves making some substitutions. We also love wraps as they seem to be a great way to eat leafy greens for us. We stuff them full of whatever filling we want such as buffalo cauliflower and then add a bunch of mixed green and roll them up.
  7. Sushi

    Sushi has so many excellent flavours and we like all the vegan options that we can often find with ingredients like tofu, cucumber, avocado, pickled daikon radish, mushrooms, yams, mango and salad veggies. Some sushi restaurants are more accommodating to vegans than others but our all-time favourite has to be Sushi Momo in Montreal which is an all vegan sushi restaurant. It is amazing. We also enjoy making our own sushi. Try it sometime!
  8. Indian Curry

    Indian curry has such amazing flavour and more often than not they have a vegan item on the menu if not a few. We like to go out for curry and we also like to make it at home. It's a nice meal to make where you can throw something together quickly even if you only have chickpeas, canned tomatoes, curry powder and rice. Obviously, you can do a better job than that but at the bare minimum, you still have a decent tasting meal. Our favourite curry has to be Curry Point in Nanaimo, BC. It is the best.
  9. Thai Curry

    We love curry and Thai curry is excellent as well. We love red, green and yellow Thai curry. It's all good but it can be tricky to find Thai curry without shrimp paste in it. We sometimes make Thai curry at home but we mostly have it when we go to a Thai restaurant.
  10. Cupcakes

    Who doesn't like a nice cupcake right? It seems like specialty cupcake shops are popping up everywhere and a lot of times they have at least one vegan option. We like to treat ourselves sometimes and get a cupcake. Why not?

That is it for our 10 favourite foods. Were all of these pretty much no brainers? We didn't have any salads on there but there are some great salads out there. We don't want to hurt all the other food's feelings we just like all this food the best.