The Coolest Art Exhibit We Have Ever Seen

We've been to a few art galleries over the years and have seen some impressive artwork. It's funny but there is one art exhibit that really stuck out in both our minds and that is the one we saw in Bristol. We were trying to make a post about the best art we've seen in all the galleries we've been to so far but all we could think of was this one art exhibit we saw in Bristol. 

We were in Bristol for the Vegfest that was hosted there and we stopped by the Bristol Museum & Art Gallery.

 The Museum and Art gallery is worth a visit. 
 There was a travelling art exhibit there by a sculptor from South Korea called Do Ho Suh. The piece we had the pleasure of seeing was New York City Apartment Corridor/Ground Floor Plus Staircase. It's a pretty literal name for an art piece. It couldn't get any more literal. Anyway, the whole apartment corridor is created out of sewn fabric. You could walk around it and look closely. It was crazy the amount of detail put into it. Have a look at these pictures of it.

 Imagine sewing this together. Who in their right mind would do such a thing? It must have taken forever. We're glad he did though as it was one of the coolest things we've ever seen.

 He recreated the corridor down to the light switches.

 Is it just me or is this absolutely amazing?!

This is all nylon sewn by hand and the corridor is part of a larger piece which you can see here.
Google Do Ho Suh and check out some of his other stuff. It's all incredible and very creative. Here is a google image search of his work to get you started down a rabbit hole. 

Anyway, that is the story about the coolest art exhibit we have ever seen.