Our Four Favourite Blog Posts

We've been writing this blog for four years now. We started it back in 2015 when we moved to England for 2 years. During that time we have consistently written blog posts. We've written travel guides, travel diaries, vegan food post and all sorts of stuff spinning off from that. The posts have really added up and we have now published over 400 blog posts.

Now out of 400+ blog posts, we are going to pick our four favourites. Here they are:

Best VEGAN Restaurants in the United Kingdom

This is our favourite because visiting the UK was one of the best experiences we've ever had and one of the amazing things about it was how vegan-friendly the UK is. There is tons of vegan restaurants and other places with vegan options so this post was fun to write and we would encourage anyone to check out these vegan restaurants in the UK.


Much like the previous post, this post is a lot of fun for us because we loved driving across Canada. We found a bunch of great places for vegan food along the way and it is fun for us to share because other people might be looking for vegan options in some of the cities we mentioned. We decided to just list all the big cities we found vegan options in since it is mostly big cities that you will find vegan restaurants. Tourists probably visit at least one big city on a trip even if they are just flying into that city to go somewhere else. Most people have never driven across Canada and we are proud that we managed to do it. Writing about a memorable trip like this makes the writing a lot more fun.

9 Day Itinerary for Road Tripping Around Scotland

This post we like because we were trying to take our trip that we went on and turn it into something helpful for other people rather than a travel diary which might not be that interesting to many people. We put a lot of planning into our road trip around Scotland. We had to figure out the driving distances, book places to stay and figure out what we wanted to see. Now that we are done we get to look back and make an itinerary for a 9 day Scotland road trip. I hope that we have helped out at least one person in planning their trip.

Cruising Alaska: Our Onboard the Ship Blog

   Getting to see Alaska was a lot of fun and it is one of our favourite posts because people can learn about our experience taking a cruise as vegans.
   It can be difficult to get a decent vegan meal when your family or friends insist on going to a restaurant that has no vegan options. It means you have to request that the kitchen make you something special or make substitutions. This is pretty much what you are doing every day on a cruise. They seem to try their best but cruise ships really aren't used to making food for vegans so you could end up eating the few things they know how to make over and over for the entire cruise.
   We think this post is useful because we talk about a lot about the food on the ship and our whole experience with that. We show pictures of what we were served so if there are vegans thinking of taking a cruise then this post will show them what to expect. It will either scare people away from cruising or just prepare them for how to manage their time on a cruise.

Those are our favourite blog posts we've written. We are continuing to have fun cranking out these blog posts in our free time. It gets us thinking about our travels even when we aren't travelling