Our C25k Journey - Getting into Regular Jogging

If you have been following our blog you may be aware that we are doing 30-day challenges this year. We wrote out a bunch of ideas for 30-day challenges and put them in a hat. Each month we pull a new challenge from the hat and do our best to complete the 30-day challenge we pulled.

In March we did a No Complaining challenge. In addition to our No Complaining challenge, we willingly started "C25k!" (Couch to 5k running program) without pulling it out of the hat. We thought it was a good time to start it with all the walking and interval walking we had been doing for January and February.

Here are some details on our C25K challenge...


1. Follow 8-week C25k program
2. Run/walk every other day.
3. Listen to your body.

We have started the C25k program many times and find it does really help for building your body up for jogging 5k. For us, it works because one of us has bad knees and the other has bad lungs. This interval program helps build us both up for long distances of running.

We completed C25k in 2011 and it was such a thrill to run for 5k. We ran a couple more times after completing the challenge and then we simply forgot to keep running.

The other times we started the program we made it to week 6 and sometimes we only made it to week 3 or even day 2.

Here are our stats for our C25K running now that we are finished the program:

Week one: 60-sec run and 90-sec walk
Day one:   32minutes, 2.77km, 3214 steps, 11:55/km pace (Mar 2)
Day two:   38minutes, 3.27km, 3595 steps, 11:35/km pace (Mar 3)
Day three: 31minutes, 2.77km, 3563 steps, 11:25/km pace (Mar 5)

Week two: 90-sec run and 2-min walk
Day one:   33minutes, 2.58km, 3338 steps, 12:45/km pace (Mar 7)
Day two:   35minutes, 2.74km, 3588 steps, 12:50/km pace (Mar 10)
Day three: 36minutes, 3.08km, 3819 steps, 11:45/km pace (Mar 11)

Week three: 90-sec/3-min run and 90-sec/3-min walk
Day one:   31minutes, 2.87km, 3370 steps, 10:45/km pace (Mar 16)
Day two:   29minutes, 2.53km, 3336 steps, 11:45/km pace (Mar 18)
Day three: 28minutes, 2.61km, 3173 steps, 11:05/km pace (Mar 20)

Week four: 3-min/5-min run and 90-sec/2.5-sec walk
Day one:   34minutes, 2.92km, 3597 steps. 11:45/km pace (Mar 22)
Day two:   35minutes, 3.29km, 3489 steps, 10:40/km pace (Mar 25)
Day three: 35minutes, 3.19km, 3842 steps, 11:15/km pace (Mar 27)

Week five: 5-min run and 3-min walk/8-min run and 5-min walk/20-min run
Day one:   37minutes, 3.26km, 3703 steps, 11:25/km pace (Mar 29)
Day two:   33minutes, 3.10km, 3709 steps, 10.40/km pace (Mar 31)
Day three: 34minutes, 3.18km, 3596 steps, 10:45/km pace (Apr 2)

Week six: 5-min/8-min run and 3-min walk/10-min and 3-min walk/22-min run
Day one:   41minutes, 4.64km, 5194 steps, 8:55/km pace  (Apr 4)
Day two:   37minutes, 3.92km, 4585 steps, 9:40/km pace  (Apr 6)
Day three: 34minutes, 3.21km, 4106 steps, 10:50/km pace (Apr 8)

Week seven: 25-min run
Day one:   36minutes, 3.35km, 4249 steps, 10:45/km pace (Apr 12)
Day two:   35minutes, 3.55km, 3677 steps, 10:00/km pace (Apr 15)
                  35minutes, 5.28km, 5169 steps, 6.40/km pace
Day three: 35minutes, 3.32km, 3940 steps. 10:35/km pace (Apr 17)
                  40minutes, 4.84km, 5224 steps, 8:20/km pace

Week eight: 28-min run/30-min run
Day one:   38minutes, 3.23km, 4527 steps, 11:40/km pace (Apr 19)
                  38minutes, 5.58km, 5492 steps, 6:50/km pace
Day two:   38minutes, 3.47km, 4563 steps, 10:55/km pace (Apr 21)
                  38minutes, 5.40km, 5392 steps, 7.05/km pace
Day three: 40minutes, 3.45km, 4585 steps, 11:35/km pace (Apr 23)
                  40minutes, 6.16km, 6008 steps, 6:30/km pace

C25k Graduates! Now that we have completed the C25k program, we have come up with a game plan to keep ourselves motivated for the next 8-weeks. When these next 8-weeks are over, we will come up with a new plan to keep ourselves moving forward and to continue running! Check back in 8-weeks and we will see if we have completed our new running goal.

Do you enjoy jogging for fitness?