Cool Futuristic Looking Buildings

Looking through our pictures from some of our travels we noticed a few futuristic looking buildings. We collected some of our favourites from our travels for this post on cool futuristic looking buildings. These are some interesting buildings that could be used in a Sci-Fi movie or something.

1. Museum of Pop Culture - Seattle, WA, USA

This building was built in 2000 and it was designed by the architect Frank Gehry. It cost $90 million USD to build. It looks like it's made of crumbled up shiny wrapping paper or tinfoil. The museum inside is all about pop culture such as music, sci-fi, movies, etc. You can find more information here.

2. Wales Millenium Centre - Cardiff, Wales, UK

This building was finished in 2009 and was designed by Jonathan Adams. It was constructed in 2 phases with a total cost of £124.2 million GBP. It is a concert and performance hall that hosts all sorts of events such as concerts and dance performances. For more information click here.

3. 20 Fenchurch Street, London, UK

This building was built in 2014 and was designed by Rafael Viñoly. It cost over £200 million to build. The building is in the financial district of London and serves as office space for different companies. There are also restaurants and bars in the building too. It has the nickname the "walkie talkie" because of the way it looks. For information on 20 Fenchurch Street's skygarden click here.

4. Library of Birmingham - Birmingham, UK

This building was built in 2013 and was designed by Francine Houben. It cost £188.8 million GBP to build. It serves as a public library. The building has books, reference material, a garden and a Shakespeare exhibit. It is the most visited building in the UK outside of London. For more information click here.

5. Canadian Museum for Human Rights - Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

This building was finished being built in 2012 but opened in 2014 and was designed by Antoine Predock.  It cost $351 million CAD to build. It a museum about human rights and there has been a lot of debate and controversies about the content of the museum. For more information on the museum click here.

6. CityCenter Las Vegas - Las Vegas, NV, USA

This is a complex of buildings which was finished in 2009 and designed by the architecture firm Ehrenkrantz Eckstut & Kuhn. It cost $9.2 billion dollars to build. It serves as a hotel, condo, retail and entertainment district. For more information click here.

7. National Football Museum - Manchester, UK

The building was built in 2002 and designed by Ian Simpson. It cost £30 million GBP to build. Originally the building was a museum called Urbis. The museum was about life in Manchester and later had pop culture exhibits but it didn't last. It became the National Football Museum in 2010 and it was a success. For more information on the museum click here.  

8. Harpa Concert Hall - Reykjavik, Iceland

This building was completed in 2011 and designed by Henning Larsen Architects. It cost €164 million Euro to build. It serves as a concert hall and convention centre. You can see all sorts of performances there like plays, symphonies and concerts.

It's interesting to see some of the building designs that are a bit out there. They stand out and look crazy compared to their surroundings. They sure cost a lot of money as well. The winner of these buildings mentioned in terms of cost has to be the Citer Center Las Vegas complex which cost $9.2 billion USD to build but to be fair there is more than one building there. Any of the buildings in the complex is probably more expensive than the closest runner up in this list which is the 20 Fenchurch Street building in London at £200 million GBP. That would be around $260 million USD.

Can you imagine a city full of buildings like this? That would be crazy. Maybe that is what cities will look like in the future, a bunch of crazy metal and glass buildings with bizarre designs. If you liked this post then stay tuned for more entertaining posts from us here at Wanderlust Vegans.