5 Castles to Visit in Europe

The best part of visiting Europe is getting to see some of the amazing castles there. We've been to quite a few castles over the years and they are still a lot of fun to visit. I'm not sure if we have any favourites as there are so many great castles but here are a few picks of some castles that are worth a visit.

1. Dunnottar Castle - Scotland

This castle is located in Scotland on the east coast not that far from Aberdeen. We visited it on our road trip around Scotland in 2016. We like how it is built on this rocky terrain along the coast. It looks so EPIC! Learn more here.

2. Ljubljana Castle - Slovenia

This castle is located in Ljubljana, Slovenia and the castle is on a big hill overlooking the city. We visited this castle on our backpacking trip around central Europe. Inside there is history exhibits, a marionette museum and art galleries. There is also an amazing view of the city, especially at night. Learn more here.

3. Hohensalzburg Fortress - Austria

This is a castle overlooking the city of Salzburg Austria. This is another castle we saw on our backpacking trip around Central Europe. We got £10 flights to Salzburg and then carried on from there. The castle has spectacular views of the city and the mountains. It's hard to compete with Austria in terms of beautiful scenery. Learn more here.

4. Bohus Fortress - Sweden

This castle is located in Sweden near Gothenburg. We visited this castle on our trip to Gothenburg, another trip where we got £10 flights. The castle was a lot of fun to explore and one thing it had that was really cool was a big pond that you could cross with a raft. There was a rope line to pull the raft to the other side of the pond. Learn more about the castle here.

5. Tower of London - England

This is the castle that is located in London, England that is famous for having the crown jewels. There is lots of cool stuff to see inside and we would recommend going there if you are visiting London. We went there while we were living in the UK and our friend came to visit us from Canada. To learn more about the castle click here.

Those are some great castles to check out. We've seen a lot of other castles, most of them in Scotland, but we wanted to have a bit of variety. We picked castles from different places in Europe and we feel this is a good pick of some castles worth checking out. Stay tuned, we may do another post on more castles in the future.