4 Movies That Got Us To Travel

We were thinking about movies that motivated us to travel and there is probably quite a few of them but these 4 are the ones that come to mind. These movies are pretty much just travel commercials.

The movie stars Ben Stiller and we remember it being an alright movie but we mainly remember the filming locations. In the movie, Ben Stiller's character travels to a few places trying to track down a photographer. He goes to Iceland in the film and a lot of the movie is filmed in Iceland. The movie is kind of an advertisement for Iceland and it is definitely what got us thinking about an Iceland trip. The epic scenery is what made Iceland look like a great place to see.

This movie is just a romantic comedy and the story isn't what made us want to travel. Again it was the filming location. It takes place in Hawaii and was filmed there too. Watching the movie we couldn't help but think about how cool it would be to go to Hawaii. It looked like an amazing place with beautiful scenery. The beach especially seemed worth checking out.

This is the heist movie that takes place in Las Vegas, Nevada. I'm not sure exactly why but this movie made a trip to Las Vegas seem like a fun idea even if we weren't going there to perform a heist. The movie is fun and it just made us want to see all the excitement.

This movie did a good job of showing off Ireland and made us want to check out Ireland. The countryside looks beautiful and everything is so green. It looked like a fun place to visit. I guess in the movie it shows people travelling to Ireland so it plants that seed in your mind that it might be a good idea.

There you have it. These movies made us want to travel. They are a bit random but they are all relatively positive movies that show off their locations well by making them a main part of the story. Also, these locations are pretty easy places to travel to especially for rookie travellers.