4 Movies That Did Not Make Us Want to Travel

We published a post recently on 4 Movies That Got Us To Travel. That got us thinking that movies are not always very good advertisements for the locations they were filmed or the locations they are supposed to take place. We could have titled this post The World is a Scary Place. Often that is what movies do they make foreign countries look like dangerous places because they are making a movie about a worst-case scenario. 

Anyway, these are some movies that killed our wanderlust for a minute:

This is a movie about a civil engineer that has travelled to an unnamed South East Asian country with his family and they all get caught up in a conflict where the Prime Minister is assassinated, people are fighting in the streets and chaos ensues. There is one faction that is shooting all foreigners that work for the main character's civil engineering company. Anyway, after we watched the movie we weren't immediately booking flights even though we know a lot of people that had amazing times in South East Asia. This movie just reminded us that some countries out there are not as stable as Canada. 

This is a movie where the main character is trying to meet up with a fellow backpacker and accidentally goes to Bucharest rather than Budapest. He gets caught up in the criminal underworld and ends up not having such a fun time in Bucharest. Again, even though we know people that have been to Romania with no problems the movie did make Bucharest seem like a sketchy place that is maybe not too great for tourists.

This movie took place in Sierra Leone during their civil war. It's a no brainer that you don't want to go to a war-torn country but again this is another movie that reminds you of the fact that the world can be a violent place full of danger and you probably shouldn't be there unless you are volunteering for Doctors without Borders or something.

4. Hostel

Neither of us has actually seen this movie. We've seen the trailer and some clips of it but that is enough. Just knowing the premise is enough. We know that if we watched this movie it would definitely not make us want to stay in hostels in Europe. Obviously there aren't psycho killers at all the hostels in Europe but still, we wouldn't be booking a trip after watching this.

5. Savages

We've been to Mexico a couple times with no problems but watching this movie does not make you want to go there because of the graphic portrayal of drug cartel violence. It is a reality in Mexico. Chances are you won't experience this violence on a vacation to Mexico but the movie and I guess similar ones to this remind you that you've got to be careful.

Well, there you have it. These movies didn't make us want to travel but you can't just listen to Hollywood for advice. It's important to be aware of what is going on in countries before you visit them but realize that you shouldn't look to a work of fiction to shape your worldview.