30 Day Blogging Challenge

For our fourth challenge, we have pulled "Blogging". There are many '30 days of blogging challenges' out there. Basically, the idea behind this is to share a new post every day for 30 days. We have thought of a few daily topics and found a few online that we like. We will be sharing a new blog post every day of April. (This includes our regular scheduled posts for Sunday and Wednesdays.)


1. Post a new blog post every day
2. These posts can be about anything and everything.

This will also allow us to post blog ideas we have been scared to post or come up with new ideas to carry forward on our blog.

Do you have a blog or are thinking of starting one?! You should! Share with us your blogs and follow along posting for the month of April.

Day 1: Vegan Pizza on our Travels
Day 2: March Monthly Blog: It Feels like Summer has Started
Day 3: Welcome to Wanderlust Vegans Introduction Video:
Day 4: Vegan Donuts to Live for
Day 5: That Time we went to Hawaii
Day 6: Summer in Europe 2018 - Selfies Video:
Day 7: 22 Different Vegan Burgers You Must Try
Day 8: Elk Falls Suspension Bridge
Day 9: Elk Falls Suspension Bridge - Vlog:

Day 10: 10 Selfies Around the World
Day 11: Beautiful Campbell River, Vancouver Island, British Columbia - Vlog

Day 12: Short Stay in Campbell River: Eating at Fresh Start Bistro and Ideal Cafe
Day 15: Unusual Sightseeing Destinations
Day 16: Cool Futuristic Looking Buildings
Day 17: Top Ten Favourite foods
Day 18: 5 Castles to Visit in Europe
Day 19: What's Inside Our Fridge/Freezer
Day 20: 3 Healthy Habits
Day 21: Travel Tips: 7 Day Northern England City Tour by Train Itinerary
Day 22: Easter Dinner Featuring Vegan Options
Day 23: The Coolest Art Exhibit We Have Ever Seen
Day 24: Our C25k Journey - Getting into Regular Jogging
Day 25: Our Four Favourite Blog Posts
Day 26: 4 Movies That Got Us To Travel
Day 27: 14 More Selfies Around the World
Day 28: 4 Movies That Did Not Make Us Want to Travel
Day 29: Easy Meal Ideas: Mushroom Soup
Day 30: End of Challenge (This post :P)

We liked that this challenged help us brainstorm ideas. We typically post 8 posts a month, so adding another 22 to the month was a lot of work! We liked that this challenge got us to write posts we wouldn't normally.

The hardest part of this challenge was thinking of a new and creative idea every day. Then finding the time to write a good quality post. There were a couple days we were just not feeling it.

Overall, it was a pretty difficult challenge. (Not as difficult as not complaining though!)

Going forward, we will continue to post Sundays and Wednesdays. Currently, we haven't been travelling and Wednesday is usually our travel diary day. We will be adding random posts much like this months challenge in the days we do not have a diary. Let us know in the comments below which posts you liked from this challenge and we will try to add posts like that in the future.

Thank you all for your continued support

Wanderlust Vegans xx

For our fifth challenge, we have pulled "Meditation". We thought meditation would help us figure out where/what we need to be in our lives next. We hope to become more relaxed and have clearer intentions for our future. We have used the app headspace before and really liked it. This time we will be using an app called Insight Timer. We have heard many good things about this app and hope it's great!


1. Meditate 10+ minutes every day
2. Meditate at least 30-minutes once a week

Let us know if you are joining in with our Meditation challenge!