22 Different Vegan Burgers You Must Try

Hey there burger fans. We've eaten a lot of vegan burgers on our travels. Veggie burgers tend to be one of the most common vegan options out there at restaurants that serve American food. They come in many different forms from housemade to factory made. Some imitate meat, some aren't trying to be meat at all, some are gourmet, some are fast food, some are health-focused, some are the opposite, and there is pretty much a vegan burger for every taste out there.

1. Handmade Burger Co - Various UK Locations

This burger restaurant has many vegan options. Their burgers fall under the not trying to be meat tasting variety. They are excellent and they have a few different types of vegan burgers to choose from. Cineworld movie tickets had 2for1 coupons on the back so we went many a time.

2. Mooshies - London, UK

This is a 100% vegan burger restaurant. They have a unique vegan fish burger that was made using eggplant and nori seaweed. This place is the middle ground between places that use faux meat and places that make burgers that just taste like vegetables. They batter the eggplant to make is similar to a fish burger but using simple ingredients. Impressive vegan "fish" burger. 

3. Coach and Horses - Nanaimo, BC

This is British Pub with a vegan menu and they offer the Beyond Meat burger which is the much-hyped vegan burger taking the world by storm for how close it tastes to beef. It is made using pea protein! There are more and more places that are carrying the Beyond Meat burger such as A&W Canada as well as vegan restaurants local to Nanaimo, BC such as Plantitude and EveOlive.

4. Happy Friday Kitchen - Oxford, UK

This vegan restaurant in Oxford has delicious burgers that are made of seitan aka wheat meat. The one we had light a chicken burger tasted really similar to a chicken burger and the cheese on it was great as well. It didn't taste like they were health food burgers, just like a burger you'd find in a normal burger joint but more upscale than fast food.

5. Yardhouse - USA Various Locations

This US chain makes different burgers using the widely available Gardein burgers. This falls under the premade burger category and the burgers are very meat-like. Gardein burger is made with wheat and soy. It tastes like a burger you'd get in a pub.

6. Flippin' Good - Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

This is a burger restaurant that makes a vegan chicken burger. It might be made in house but who knows. It tastes like it is seitan aka wheat meat burger. It looks like it is at least battered in house and it is a very convincing vegan fried chicken burger. This is not a health food vegan burger obviously.

7. Boon Burger Cafe - Various Locations in Canada

These burgers fall more on the healthy side of the spectrum. They make all their patties in-house and they taste great too. They have a bunch of different types of burgers to choose from. They have a Boon patty, Chick'n patty and a falafel patty. On their site, it says the Chick'n burger is made up of "chickpeas, brown rice & oats". 

8. Globally Local - London, Ontario, Canada

These burgers are on the junk food shamelessly trying to imitate fast food for those that are missing their McDonalds and Burger King visits now that they are vegan. The burgers are made in house with chickpeas, soy and wheat included in the ingredients. It is fast food but it doesn't taste as greasy as say the Beyond Meat burger of some of the other meat tasting burger out there.

9. Doomie's - Various Locations in USA and Canada

These are greasy burgers that are very meat-like. I'm guessing they are made of soy and wheat. The most convincing vegan faux meat that we'd had prior to the Beyond Meat burger. This is total junk food but we would call it gourmet junk food.

10. Aux Vivre - Montreal, Quebec, Canada

This is a healthier burger with a garden patty that is not trying to taste like meat. The bun is whole wheat as well. 
11. Very Good Butchers - Victoria, BC, Canada

I'd say that these burgers look like meat burgers but they taste like they are made out of beans and stuff since that is, in fact, the case. I'd say they are partly trying to be meat tasting but while still using regular stuff like beans to make the burgers. They are probably on the healthier side considering they are full of beans. 

12. Loving Hut Express - Vancouver, BC, Canada and Various World Wide Locations

These have got to be pre-made burgers but the cheese sauce on them seems like it must be made in house. The cheese and mayo are probably the best part. This is a fast food sort of burger that tastes close to a meat burger. It's kind of like a whopper from Burger King. It is probably made of soy and wheat. Surprisingly this is the only Canadian location of Loving Hut which is a worldwide vegan restaurant chain.

13. Meet on Main - Vancouver, BC, Canada

This is a decent pub style vegan burger that you can get with the Beyond Meat patty or their house-made patty depending on what your thing is. I can not remember where the house-made patty falls on the spectrum of trying to taste like meat or not. I think it was sort of meatish.

14. Veggie Grill - Seattle, Washington, USA & Various USA Locations

This tastes like a meat burger you might get at a fast food chain or maybe even a family restaurant. It looks like they use Beyond Meat burger patties for their burgers now. They also have a chick'n style burger which is probably some sort of seitan or wheat and soy burger.

15. V Rev Vegan Diner - Manchester, UK

This is a wacky vegan fast food place with seitan chicken burgers and they do a tofu fish burger. They always have creative burger specials. Their food looks like it has improved a lot and we thought it was great when we first went. This is a burger with mac and cheese on it. Check out their website for more recent food pictures.

16. Warehouse Cafe - Birmingham, UK

This is another burger that tastes like it is on the healthier side and it is not one that is trying to taste like a meat burger.

17. Annie's Burger Shack - Nottingham, UK

This place has tons of vegan options. There are all sorts of different burgers on the menu here, (mushroom swiss, Hawaiian burger) and surprisingly every burger can be made vegan. The burgers are faux meat and they have faux bacon, beef, chicken and fish. The burgers aren't as hyper-realistic tasting as say the Beyond Meat burger but that's not what some people are looking for anyway.

18. Cat Bar - Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain

These burgers are homemade tasting burgers that aren't trying to be meat. They have a Mexican burger now that is popular in the reviews.

19. Cookaluzka - Madrid, Spain

This is another garden burger that is good without trying to taste like meat. It's made with lentils and has garlic vegan mayo.
20. La Oveja Negra - Madrid, Spain

This was a basic veggie burger that kind of tasted like the burger patty and bun were store bought. That's not a criticism as restaurants have different aims. This place is more of the quick and easy value for money type of place.

21. B-13 Bar - Madrid, Spain

This is another value for money type of place. We had the double chicken burger which tasted like fast food breaded chicken patties. They aren't the most realistic of chicken patties. Kind of a processed chicken or chicken nugget tasting burger. 

22. Hank Burger - Paris, France

This place tastes like everything is made in house. They do have the Beyond Meat burger now but the in house burger patties taste great too. They aren't super meat tasting but they also aren't the ones that just taste like sweet potatoes or something that tastes nothing like a burger. The sauces on the burgers are really tasty.
There we have it. We've eaten a lot of vegan burgers on our travels. They were all good. It's interesting the different approaches restaurants take to cooking a vegan burger. Which is the best? It all depends on what you like. It is exciting that there are so many great vegan burgers out there and that being vegan has never been easier than it is today.