14 More Selfies Around the World.

With 196 countries around the world, we'd put together our selfies in each country we have been too. We recently published a post called 10 Selfies Around the World. We are going to continue this post where we left off which was at number 11.

#11. Ireland

We went on a quick trip to Ireland while we were living in the UK for two years. We went with another couple that we met through Birmingham Vegans and we saw Dublin, Cork and Bray. It was a lot of fun to see Ireland for the first time and to be there during the winter when there were lots of cool lights was great as well. It was pretty cold though so we had to bundle up when we were walking around places. This is us by Dublin Castle.
Dublin, Ireland
#12. Czech Republic

Here we are at the top of a hill in Prague with Prague Castle in the background. We went on a one-off trip to the Czech Republic from the UK. A couple of friends we met through Birmingham Vegans came along and we had fun exploring the Czech Republic.
Prague, Czech Republic
#13. Sweden

Another couple of people we met in Birmingham Vegans we travelling to Gothenburg and we tagged along. We got £10 flights from the UK to Gothenburg, Sweden which is such an amazing deal. We loved the city and especially enjoyed getting to take the ferries to all the different islands of the coast. It was such a great place to explore and it was amazing our transit pass we bought covered ferries as well as buses. This is us on one of the islands.
Gothenburg, Sweden
#14. Norway

Mom came to Europe to visit us and we went on a Scandinavian cruise which had a stop in Oslo Norway. We went on a boat ride around the harbour. We took a break from a boat ride to go on a boat ride. This is us on the boat. It was cold! Sunny but cold.
Oslo, Norway
#15. Denmark

This is us when we went walk around Copenhagen for the day. It was another stop on our Scandinavian cruise. In the picture, we are in front of a statue of the Little Mermaid. The writer of the Little Mermaid Hans Christian Anderson was from Copenhagen.
Copenhagen, Denmark
#16. Netherlands

Here we are with Mom. This is at the end of our Scandinavian cruise. We stayed in Amsterdam for a few days as well as checking out other parts of the Netherlands. We are in front of one of the many canals in Amersterdam. This is probably on our epic walk from the cruise port to our hotel. What a cool city.
Amsterdam, Netherlands
#17. Wales

During our time in the UK, we took the train to Cardiff, Wales and stayed there for a couple days. It was a nice city with lots of green space and lots of stuff to see. The weather was excellent and we did a ton of walking. This is us on a bridge in the park in the middle of a pretty lengthy walk. The castle in Cardiff is really cool too.
Cardiff, Wales
#18. France

We met an inspiring couple of vegan ultramarathon runners when we were on a kayaking trip off the coast of Vancouver Island. We went to France to visit them for a few days and we had an amazing time hanging out with them and seeing some amazing scenery in Brittany, France. This is us on one of our walks on the coast.
Brittany, France
#19. Germany

While we were living in the UK we, of course, had to take a trip to the vegan capital of the world which is Berlin, Germany. There is a ton of vegan restaurants in Berlin for whatever reason and tons of vegan options everywhere you go. Here we are not too far from our hotel. We had just gone to the Ramones Museum.
Berlin, Germany
#20. Switzerland

We really wanted to see some of Switzerland but it is such an expensive country to travel to and stay in generally. We managed to find £10 tickets to Basel and we had the most budget trip to Switzerland that anyone has ever had. Our hotel came with a free transit pass and we used that pass to its full potential exploring all over Basel. This is us by the Rhine river.
Basel, Switzerland

#21. Austria

We went on a central Europe backpacking trip where we took trains and buses to each new destination. This was another trip we had £10 flights. We flew into Salzburg, traveled to Munich to see a friend and eventually we were in Innsbruck where this photo was taken by the river. It was fun to be there when the Christmas markets we on.
Innsbruck, Austria

#22. Slovenia

I don't think we had ever heard of Slovenia previously but this was one of the highlights of our central Europe backpacking trip. It is a small country and a small city but so much fun to explore. It was that much more fun because we didn't know what to expect. We saw a castle and ate vegan food at various places around the city. This is us in near one of the main squares by the river.
Ljubljana, Slovenia
#23. Croatia

Our friend was living in Croatia. He moved there seemingly out of nowhere and inspired us to come and visit him. This is what got our idea for a backpacking trip off the ground. We were pretty tired by the time we got to Zagreb but we managed. Luckily our friend was a great host and showed us around. We had a fun time there hanging out and seeing a few sights. This is us on a walk around the city.

Zagreb, Croatia
#24. Iceland

Whenever we looked at the cost of visiting Iceland it was always way too expensive. We kept looking out for deals and then we found this cruise which explored Norway and the Scottish islands as well. We made it to Iceland finally and here we are at the Gullfoss Falls. We took a bus tour to see some of the natural sights on the Golden Circle as they call it.

We hope you enjoyed checking out these 14 more selfies around the world. We can't believe that we made it to all these places. If you liked this post then check out more of our travel diaries at Wanderlust Vegans Travels.