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The Coolest Art Exhibit We Have Ever Seen

We've been to a few art galleries over the years and have seen some impressive artwork. It's funny but there is one art exhibit that really stuck out in both our minds and that is the one we saw in Bristol. We were trying to make a post about the best art we've seen in all the galleries we've been to so far but all we could think of was this one art exhibit we saw in Bristol. 
We were in Bristol for the Vegfest that was hosted there and we stopped by the Bristol Museum & Art Gallery.

 The Museum and Art gallery is worth a visit.   There was a travelling art exhibit there by a sculptor from South Korea called Do Ho Suh. The piece we had the pleasure of seeing was New York City Apartment Corridor/Ground Floor Plus Staircase. It's a pretty literal name for an art piece. It couldn't get any more literal. Anyway, the whole apartment corridor is created out of sewn fabric. You could walk around it and look closely. It was crazy the amount of detail put into it. Ha…

Easter Dinner Featuring Vegan Options

We had a lot of good food over the weekend for the Easter Holiday. We had two different family dinners to go to, one on Saturday and one on Sunday. Both of our meals were a break from the usual Easter Foods.
 My aunt made these vegan crabless cakes out of the "Vegan Comfort Classics" cookbook which tasted excellent. My other aunt made her famous spinach dip which she makes vegan with the Tofutti Sour Cream. It was delicious as always. For our main dish, we had some Beyond Meat burgers grilled on the BBQ with all the fixings, coleslaw and potato salad. Yum, yum. Great idea for an Easter Dinner. Plus the weather was acting like it was practically summer. A wonderful day for a BBQ! Now let's take a second to look at the desserts. We'll look at the desserts from both of the meals at once. For one of the family dinners, my aunt made a sponge cake with strawberries. We ate it along with some vegan cookies and cream ice cream. If that wasn't enough, I made some chocolat…

7 Day Northern England City Tour by Train Itinerary

This itinerary will take you to some of the most well-known cities in Northern England including Liverpool, Manchester, York, Newcastle. We ended the itinerary in Edinburgh because Edinburgh is a fantastic city and then you have the choice to either fly out of Edinburgh Airport or stay longer and see Scotland.

Here is the Northern England City Train Itinerary we created:

Day 1-3  Liverpool
Fly into Liverpool John Lennon Airport
Spend two nights in Liverpool like we did.
Explore Royal Albert Dock, Cavern Club, Tate Liverpool, Penny Lane and Sefton Park.
Have a coffee at 92 Degree Coffee.

Vegan Guide to Liverpool

Day 3-4  Manchester
Take the train to Manchester. Approx 1 hour train ride.
Spend one night in Manchester like we did.
Explore Northern Quarter, National Football Museum, look for street art and see a gig.
Eat a vegan burger at V REV.

Day 4 - 5  York
Take the train to York from Manchester. Approx 1 hour 30-minute train ride.
Spend one night in York. We only spent 5 hours in York and…

3 Healthy Habits

We've been doing our best to complete monthly challenges and create new healthy habits to enrich our lives. Some people say it takes 21 days to make or break a habit. That may or may not be true but why not try and create some positive and healthy change? Here's where we talk about the healthy habits we've built.

The 3 healthy habits that we have and we are proud of are:

1. Reading  -  We set a regular yearly reading goal and strive to pass these goals. We always have a book on the go! We read a variety of fiction, non-fiction andeducational books. We choose reading over most other activities. If you have any recommendations, please let us know!

2. Spending time in Nature  -  When we aren't reading, you can find us wandering around forests. We would rather be in nature than walking on the streets. There is nothing more peaceful than listening to the bird's sing. One of us loves nature so much that he likes to bring it home with us, with not one but two ticks so far…

What's Inside Our Fridge/Freezer

Wow, 30-days of blogging is a bit challenging. We were very motivated in the beginning, but when the day gets away from you and you realize you need a post for the morning, it can be a bit much! We went with an easy/dumb post today. Maybe it will be beneficial for someone who is new to veganism and doesn't know what to stock their fridge with? This stuff is all pretty common in our fridge. Sriracha is a staple food, right? Depending on how popular this post is, we may just tell you what is inside our pantry! Now, wouldn't that be exciting? 
MushroomsLettuceBroccoliTomatoesCarrotsVegan MargarineWaterHomemade Deodorant Leftover Chickpea CurryChocolate MousseOat MilkBraggs Soy SauceSriracha KetchupVegan MayoRelishItalian Salad DressingVanilla ExtractBaking SodaGarlicFrozen PeasFrozen SpinachFrozen Fruit MelodyFrozen CranberriesBrowniesVeg Ends for StockHabanero Peppers
Well, how was that?! Did you learn anything? 
I know what you are thinking... Why do you have a flat of bottled …

5 Castles to Visit in Europe

The best part of visiting Europe is getting to see some of the amazing castles there. We've been to quite a few castles over the years and they are still a lot of fun to visit. I'm not sure if we have any favourites as there are so many great castles but here are a few picks of some castles that are worth a visit.

1. Dunnottar Castle - Scotland
This castle is located in Scotland on the east coast not that far from Aberdeen. We visited it on our road trip around Scotland in 2016. We like how it is built on this rocky terrain along the coast. It looks so EPIC! Learn more here.

2. Ljubljana Castle - Slovenia
This castle is located in Ljubljana, Slovenia and the castle is on a big hill overlooking the city. We visited this castle on our backpacking trip around central Europe. Inside there is history exhibits, a marionette museum and art galleries. There is also an amazing view of the city, especially at night. Learn more here.

3. Hohensalzburg Fortress - Austria
This is a castle o…

Top Ten Favourite foods

We live to eat and we travel to eat. Here we have a list of 10 of our favourite foods. All vegan of course. You've probably already guessed a few of them, due to a few of the posts we've already made this month.


We love pizza and there are more and more vegan cheese options out there. When we first went vegan it was a big hassle to get vegan cheese. They only sold it at the health food store. Nowadays it is in just about every grocery store in Canada and more and more pizza places are getting it as an option. Travelling to other cities is a lot of fun for us because we get to try the different vegan pizzas.

We don't go out and buy donuts all the time or make donuts at home but we love getting donuts when we get the chance. We tend to go for the fancier gourmet style donuts since if you're going to eat a donut, you might as well have the best.

Burgers have got to be the most common vegan food option out there. Having a veggie burger on the menu is a prett…

Cool Futuristic Looking Buildings

Looking through our pictures from some of our travels we noticed a few futuristic looking buildings. We collected some of our favourites from our travels for this post on cool futuristic looking buildings. These are some interesting buildings that could be used in a Sci-Fi movie or something.
1. Museum of Pop Culture - Seattle, WA, USA
This building was built in 2000 and it was designed by the architect Frank Gehry. It cost $90 million USD to build. It looks like it's made of crumbled up shiny wrapping paper or tinfoil. The museum inside is all about pop culture such as music, sci-fi, movies, etc. You can find more information here.

2. Wales Millenium Centre - Cardiff, Wales, UK
This building was finished in 2009 and was designed by Jonathan Adams. It was constructed in 2 phases with a total cost of £124.2 million GBP. It is a concert and performance hall that hosts all sorts of events such as concerts and dance performances. For more information click here.
3. 20 Fenchurch Street, L…

Unusual Sightseeing Destinations

We've travelled to quite a few places in North America and Europe and done a lot of sightseeing. We've gone to a number of tourist traps but there is a few that stick out a being very unusual. In most cities, you will find museums, historic architecture, art galleries, markets, and parks which may be unique but they aren't unusual or odd like these tourist traps are. These places are pretty strange and that's why they stuck out to us.

1. Seattle, Washington, USA - Gum Wall
In Seattle, there is an alley called Post Alley near the famous Pike Place market that is covered in chewing gum. People visit the wall and add their gum to it so it gets more and more covered in gum. This is a pretty disgusting tourist attraction and yet tons of tourists visit is every year. I guess we went and saw it because of how strange it is.

The gum wall started in 1993. People started putting gum on the wall and then more and more people added to it until it became a tourist attraction. In 201…