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30 Day Blogging Challenge

For our fourth challenge, we have pulled "Blogging". There are many '30 days of blogging challenges' out there. Basically, the idea behind this is to share a new post every day for 30 days. We have thought of a few daily topics and found a few online that we like. We will be sharing a new blog post every day of April. (This includes our regular scheduled posts for Sunday and Wednesdays.)


1. Post a new blog post every day
2. These posts can be about anything and everything.

This will also allow us to post blog ideas we have been scared to post or come up with new ideas to carry forward on our blog.

Do you have a blog or are thinking of starting one?! You should! Share with us your blogs and follow along posting for the month of April.

Day 1: Vegan Pizza on our Travels
Day 2: March Monthly Blog: It Feels like Summer has Started
Day 3: Welcome to Wanderlust Vegans Introduction Video:
Day 4: Vegan Donuts to Live for
Day 5: That Time we went to Hawaii
Day 6: Summe…

Easy Meal Ideas: Mushroom Soup

Soup is definitely an easy meal idea. We love mushrooms and we always enjoy mushroom soup but the canned stuff you buy is usually cream of mushroom and therefore not vegan.

Here is a mushroom soup recipe:


1 Onions
2 cloves Garlic
2 stalks Celery
4 cups Veggie Stock (You can make your own by boiling all your veggie scraps)
2 cups Mushrooms
More Mushrooms if you want
tsp Black Pepper
Salt as needed
tsp Braggs Soy Sauce (more to taste)
1 Bay Leaf


Saute onions, garlic, celery, bay leaf until the onions are translucent. Add mushrooms, cook until soft. Add veggie stock, bay leaf, soy sauce. Simmer until soup thickens up 20 minutes. Season with black pepper and salt. You can blender it all together at the end if you have an immersion blender.

As an option, you can thicken the soup with a roux (oil and flour or cornstarch).

Hopefully, you enjoy this recipe for mushroom soup.

4 Movies That Did Not Make Us Want to Travel

We published a post recently on 4 Movies That Got Us To Travel. That got us thinking that movies are not always very good advertisements for the locations they were filmed or the locations they are supposed to take place. We could have titled this post The World is a Scary Place. Often that is what movies do they make foreign countries look like dangerous places because they are making a movie about a worst-case scenario. 
Anyway, these are some movies that killed our wanderlust for a minute:

1. No Escape
This is a movie about a civil engineer that has travelled to an unnamed South East Asian country with his family and they all get caught up in a conflict where the Prime Minister is assassinated, people are fighting in the streets and chaos ensues. There is one faction that is shooting all foreigners that work for the main character's civil engineering company. Anyway, after we watched the movie we weren't immediately booking flights even though we know a lot of people that ha…

14 More Selfies Around the World.

With 196 countries around the world, we'd put together our selfies in each country we have been too. We recently published a post called 10 Selfies Around the World. We are going to continue this post where we left off which was at number 11.

#11. Ireland

We went on a quick trip to Ireland while we were living in the UK for two years. We went with another couple that we met through Birmingham Vegans and we saw Dublin, Cork and Bray. It was a lot of fun to see Ireland for the first time and to be there during the winter when there were lots of cool lights was great as well. It was pretty cold though so we had to bundle up when we were walking around places. This is us by Dublin Castle.
#12. Czech Republic

Here we are at the top of a hill in Prague with Prague Castle in the background. We went on a one-off trip to the Czech Republic from the UK. A couple of friends we met through Birmingham Vegans came along and we had fun exploring the Czech Republic.
#13. Sweden

Another couple of …

4 Movies That Got Us To Travel

We were thinking about movies that motivated us to travel and there is probably quite a few of them but these 4 are the ones that come to mind. These movies are pretty much just travel commercials.

1. The Secret Life of Walter Mitty.
The movie stars Ben Stiller and we remember it being an alright movie but we mainly remember the filming locations. In the movie, Ben Stiller's character travels to a few places trying to track down a photographer. He goes to Iceland in the film and a lot of the movie is filmed in Iceland. The movie is kind of an advertisement for Iceland and it is definitely what got us thinking about an Iceland trip. The epic scenery is what made Iceland look like a great place to see.

2. Forgetting Sarah Marshall
This movie is just a romantic comedy and the story isn't what made us want to travel. Again it was the filming location. It takes place in Hawaii and was filmed there too. Watching the movie we couldn't help but think about how cool it would be to …

Our Four Favourite Blog Posts

We've been writing this blog for four years now. We started it back in 2015 when we moved to England for 2 years. During that time we have consistently written blog posts. We've written travel guides, travel diaries, vegan food post and all sorts of stuff spinning off from that. The posts have really added up and we have now published over 400 blog posts.

Now out of 400+ blog posts, we are going to pick our four favourites. Here they are:

Best VEGAN Restaurants in the United Kingdom

This is our favourite because visiting the UK was one of the best experiences we've ever had and one of the amazing things about it was how vegan-friendly the UK is. There is tons of vegan restaurants and other places with vegan options so this post was fun to write and we would encourage anyone to check out these vegan restaurants in the UK.


Much like the previous post, this post is a lot of fun for us because we loved driving across Canada. We found a bunch o…

Our C25k Journey - Getting into Regular Jogging

If you have been following our blog you may be aware that we are doing 30-day challenges this year. We wrote out a bunch of ideas for 30-day challenges and put them in a hat. Each month we pull a new challenge from the hat and do our best to complete the 30-day challenge we pulled.

In March we did a No Complaining challenge. In addition to our No Complaining challenge, we willingly started "C25k!" (Couch to 5k running program) without pulling it out of the hat. We thought it was a good time to start it with all the walking and interval walking we had been doing for January and February.

Here are some details on our C25K challenge...


1. Follow 8-week C25k program
2. Run/walk every other day.
3. Listen to your body.

We have started the C25k program many times and find it does really help for building your body up for jogging 5k. For us, it works because one of us has bad knees and the other has bad lungs. This interval program helps build us both up for long distances …

The Coolest Art Exhibit We Have Ever Seen

We've been to a few art galleries over the years and have seen some impressive artwork. It's funny but there is one art exhibit that really stuck out in both our minds and that is the one we saw in Bristol. We were trying to make a post about the best art we've seen in all the galleries we've been to so far but all we could think of was this one art exhibit we saw in Bristol. 
We were in Bristol for the Vegfest that was hosted there and we stopped by the Bristol Museum & Art Gallery.

 The Museum and Art gallery is worth a visit.   There was a travelling art exhibit there by a sculptor from South Korea called Do Ho Suh. The piece we had the pleasure of seeing was New York City Apartment Corridor/Ground Floor Plus Staircase. It's a pretty literal name for an art piece. It couldn't get any more literal. Anyway, the whole apartment corridor is created out of sewn fabric. You could walk around it and look closely. It was crazy the amount of detail put into it. Ha…

Easter Dinner Featuring Vegan Options

We had a lot of good food over the weekend for the Easter Holiday. We had two different family dinners to go to, one on Saturday and one on Sunday. Both of our meals were a break from the usual Easter Foods.
 My aunt made these vegan crabless cakes out of the "Vegan Comfort Classics" cookbook which tasted excellent. My other aunt made her famous spinach dip which she makes vegan with the Tofutti Sour Cream. It was delicious as always. For our main dish, we had some Beyond Meat burgers grilled on the BBQ with all the fixings, coleslaw and potato salad. Yum, yum. Great idea for an Easter Dinner. Plus the weather was acting like it was practically summer. A wonderful day for a BBQ! Now let's take a second to look at the desserts. We'll look at the desserts from both of the meals at once. For one of the family dinners, my aunt made a sponge cake with strawberries. We ate it along with some vegan cookies and cream ice cream. If that wasn't enough, I made some chocolat…