7 Lucky Las Vegas Budget Travel Tips

We are all about budget travelling here at Wanderlust Vegans. We have limits to what we can afford to spend on a trip so we like to make the most out of what we do have and spend our money where it counts. A visit to the fabulous "Lost Wages" is no different. You want to save money where you can so you can splurge in other places.

Here are 7 lucky tips to help you keep your trip to Las Vegas on budget:

1. myVegas App. This is an online slot machine game that is owned by MGM casinos. You may have heard of this, it's one of those slot machine games you can play on your phone or through Facebook on the computer. As you play the game you build up points which you can redeem for real stuff like 2for1s for Las Vegas shows and attractions. It can take quite a long time but if you like playing the game then it is worth it to build up some points before a trip to Vegas. We got a free ride on the New York, New York roller coaster from playing this game.

2. Buy Deuce Bus passes. Sure you can take a taxi in Vegas but depending on where you're planning on seeing, the Deuce bus is the way to go. The Deuce is the bus that runs along the Las Vegas strip all the way to downtown Las Vegas. As a tourist, it goes to most of the places you are likely to want to visit in Vegas. You can buy 24 hour bus passes at machines on the strip or on the bus.

3. Set a gambling limit. If you don't set a limit on what you are willing to lose then it can be easy to spend way too much money because you don't have an idea in your mind of when you want to stop. It's hard to think straight while you are wrapped up in the thrill of gambling so it is best to think about this beforehand. Remember, if you gamble, do it for entertainment, not to make money since the house always wins in the end.

4. Look for deals through your hotel and through players cards. Every casino has its own players card so that people that gamble can build points to get comps. We signed up for a few different players cards and got some deals like free drinks, free slot play, discounts on food and stuff like that.

5. Use discount ticket booths. The big Las Vegas shows can be pretty expensive but you can often find some good deals at the discount ticket booths in Las Vegas. Other times there are people inside the hotels giving out fliers offering a discount rate on shows. If you are flexible on which show you want to see then you can see a quality show for cheap.

6. Find drink specials/Happy hour. If you are looking for some beverages then it is good to know that there are so many different bars competing for your patronage. As long as you time it right, you can find some good drink deals or a happy hour special so that your beverage drinking doesn't break the bank.

7. Do free activities. There are many sightseeing opportunities in Las Vegas. The casinos are extravagant. They are often filled with artwork, flowers, statues, photo opportunities or other stuff to catch your attention like a custom motorbike for example. Fremont Street has a gigantic video screen where they have shows on the hour and it is free to watch. Anyway, you don't need to be spending money every second you're in Vegas in order to have fun. Check out some free stuff.

Vegas doesn't have to be an expensive holiday, especially if you're not much of a gambler and you like to check out some of the other entertainment that Las Vegas has to offer. Thinking of a trip to Las Vegas now? Have a fun trip and save some money! 

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