30 Days of No Complaining

For our third challenge, we have pulled "No Complaining". This seemed to fit in quite well after a month long challenge of writing what we loved about ourselves and/or significant other! Why not go forward being more positive on a daily basis. While researching for this challenge we found Will Bowen, founder of 'A Complaint Free World' and his 21-day challenge. As our plan with all our challenges is to bring them forward with us into the year we are starting our 21-days and will document the first 30 on our blog.


1. No Complaining.
2. Keep notes on how you feel during a situation you would normally complain about.
3. Try and see the positive side to what's upsetting you
4. Talk positively to others who are complaining or excuse yourself from them.
5. Switch elastic band to other wrist and start at day one, if you complain.

The point of the challenge is to get the negativity out of your life. This will involve walking away from others either permanently or temporarily. Hopefully, your positivity will wear off onto others.

Before we started the challenge we were thinking about which one of us would do better at this no complaining challenge. It's difficult to say who is more of a complainer. We complain in different ways. One of us is not much of a talker and the other is more of a talker. One of us saves the days complaining for the other to hear and it's possible that one of us is more of a public complainer than the other but we won't be sure until we do the challenge. It might be something that affects how easy it is for us to not complain. We are also curious to see if complaining is more of a therapeutic thing or does it cause more negative feelings?

Day One:
We catch each other more than we catch ourselves complaining. It seems when we 'catch up' with people we haven't seen for a while is when we complain the most. It's almost like a "Hey, This is everything bad that's happened to me since we last saw each other." We are able to catch ourselves a bit when we feel like complaining, but sometimes we do slip up. We knew this challenge would be one of the hardest in our hat (as well as no social media) but, overall we are doing very well with not complaining.

Day Two:
We've both made it to day two a few times during the challenge. We haven't been keeping notes on how we feel during a situation we would normally complain about, but we did notice we complain sometimes just to feel better about a situation. We've heard different things about complaining, like that venting to someone is healthy and can help you feel better or that venting is actually bad for you because it stirs up your emotions and gets you worked up again.

The times that we do slip up, are when we forget that we are doing this challenge. The elastic band does help a little bit as it serves as a visual aid, but you don't always see it.

Day Three:
It felt good to get to day 3! We had had a few days off, and when you are at home and relaxing, you don't have a lot to complain about.

We didn't make it past 3 days in a row without complaining. We may have not even made it to 3 days, as sometimes you complain and not realise it.

We liked that this challenge made us more aware of how often we do complain. We were able to stop ourselves when we were just complaining just for something to do.

The hardest part of this challenge was not complaining, obviously. EVERYONE complains and it's hard not to join in or to use complaining as a way to strike up a conversation.

Overall, it was a great challenge. We recommend everyone try to not complain for at least one day.

Going forward, we will be trying to keep our complaining to a minimum. That whole "Don't sweat the small stuff" comes to mind. At the end of the day, our goal is to become more positive people.

For our fourth challenge, we have pulled "Blogging". There are many '30 days of blogging challenges' out there. Basically, the idea behind this is to share a new post every day for 30 days. We have thought of a few daily topics and found a few online that we like. We will be sharing a new blog post every day of April. (This includes our regular scheduled posts for Sunday and Wednesdays.)


1. Post a new blog post every day
2. These posts can be about anything and everything.

This will also allow us to post blog ideas we have been scared to post or come up with new ideas to carry forward on our blog.

Do you have a blog or are thinking of starting one?! You should! Share with us your blogs and follow along posting for the month of April.