30 Days of Love Challenge

For our second challenge, we have pulled "Write down one thing you love about yourself and/or significant other every day". We thought that this was EXTREMELY fitting for February as it is the love month. Why not love ourselves and each other a little more this month. :) 


1. Focus your thoughts on yourself and/or significant other during the month.
2. Each day take 5 minutes to write down one thing you love about yourself and/or significant other.
3. Be thankful and grateful for all that you do for yourself and significant other.

The challenge for us:

We decided that we would focus on each other because it seems easier to write what you love about someone else than it is to write about yourself.

We cut up 60 little slips of paper (30 each), we got a sandwich bag each to put our slips in. We kept what we wrote each day a surprise. We sign the day on the calendar to remind ourselves to write something down.

The halfway point in this challenge was Valentine's day, we thought it would be a great day to share what we each had written so far. We shared everything we had written for each other out loud and it was a perfect way to end Valentine's day. This would be a lovely way to lead up to Valentine's day every year. It is always a good idea to tell the people you love that you love them and are thankful to have them in your life.

After 15 days of writing what we loved about one another, we continued the challenge by writing one thing we love about ourselves. While it is important to express your love to other people, it is also important to express love for yourself.

We were excited to see how what we wrote about each other differed from what we wrote about ourselves. Sometimes it's easier to see things in other people that you love, and feel like it's selfish to write things about yourself. It is strange to think that when you take time for yourself or express positive words about yourself that it is considered to be selfish.

We liked that this challenge made us feel good about ourselves. It is really nice to receive and pay other compliments.

The hardest part of this challenge was thinking of things we loved about ourselves. It was a lot easier to think about what we loved about each other, but when it came to writing about ourselves we felt kind of strange, like its unacceptable to compliment yourself.

Overall, it was a great positive challenge and we recommend people take time for themselves.

Going forward, we will be starting a positivity journal. Writing down something positive that happened, the goals we have and the accomplishments we've had the previous week, every Sunday. We've also written all of the things we love about ourselves and each other in the notebook. :)

For our third challenge, we have pulled "No Complaining". This seemed to fit in quite well after a month long challenge of writing what we loved about ourselves and/or significant other! Why not go forward being more positive on a daily basis. While researching for this challenge we found Will Bowen, founder of 'A Complaint Free World' and his 21-day challenge. As our plan with all our challenges is to bring them forward with us into the year we are starting our 21-days and will document the first 30 on our blog.


1. No Complaining.
2. Keep notes on how you feel during a situation you would normally complain about.
3. Try and see the positive side to what's upsetting you
4. Talk positively to others who are complaining or excuse yourself from them.
5. Switch elastic band to other wrist and start at day one, if you complain.

The point of the challenge is to get the negativity out of your life. This will involve walking away from others either permanently or temporarily. Hopefully, your positivity will wear off onto others. We will share our experience with this challenge on March 31st when we will also reveal what our 4th challenge of the year will be.

Let us know if you are joining in!!