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Food Diary: Wanderlust Vegans Eat Las Vegas 2019

Food Diary:
This blog post is something a bit different for us since this time we are doing a food diary about what we ate in Las Vegas. It's a "what do vegans eat" post about our trip to Las Vegas. We found lots of places to eat like last time we were in Las Vegas. 

This time we were staying on the strip rather than in downtown Las Vegas. Downtown probably has a higher concentration of vegan options but the strip still has many places for vegan food. There was a time when it was more of a matter of finding a place we could afford than anything since we tried going to the Wynn one time and that is one pricey hotel to eat at.
Anyway, we found these places thanks to Vegans, Baby and her Veganuary event, Happy Cow and by reading menus of places we were walking past.
Here is what we ate in Las Vegas as vegans...
Jaburritos: Here we ate sushi burritos. We got the Venice sushi burrito which comes with vegan gardein steak, sweet chili sauce, "avocado, roasted corn & be…

7 Lucky Las Vegas Budget Travel Tips

We are all about budget travelling here at Wanderlust Vegans. We have limits to what we can afford to spend on a trip so we like to make the most out of what we do have and spend our money where it counts. A visit to the fabulous "Lost Wages" is no different. You want to save money where you can so you can splurge in other places.

Here are 7 lucky tips to help you keep your trip to Las Vegas on budget:

1. myVegas App. This is an online slot machine game that is owned by MGM casinos. You may have heard of this, it's one of those slot machine games you can play on your phone or through Facebook on the computer. As you play the game you build up points which you can redeem for real stuff like 2for1s for Las Vegas shows and attractions. It can take quite a long time but if you like playing the game then it is worth it to build up some points before a trip to Vegas. We got a free ride on the New York, New York roller coaster from playing this game.

2. Buy Deuce Bus passes. Sur…

30 Days of Love Challenge

For our second challenge, we have pulled "Write down one thing you love about yourself and/or significant other every day". We thought that this was EXTREMELY fitting for February as it is the love month. Why not love ourselves and each other a little more this month. :) 

1. Focus your thoughts on yourself and/or significant other during the month.
2. Each day take 5 minutes to write down one thing you love about yourself and/or significant other.
3. Be thankful and grateful for all that you do for yourself and significant other.

The challenge for us:

We decided that we would focus on each other because it seems easier to write what you love about someone else than it is to write about yourself.

We cut up 60 little slips of paper (30 each), we got a sandwich bag each to put our slips in. We kept what we wrote each day a surprise. We sign the day on the calendar to remind ourselves to write something down.

The halfway point in this challenge was Valentine's day, we…