Travel Tips: 5 Steps to Make Vegan Travel Easy

The more we travel, the easier it becomes to travel as vegans. A lot of it comes down to not being shy about asking for vegan food and also planning ahead. The more you do something the more you learn how to do it better.

These are 5 things that make vegan travel easy:

  1. Happy Cow App. The first step to making vegan travel easy is to use an app or vegan guide such as Happy Cow. The Happy Cow app is very useful for finding vegan food in all the destinations you go to. You can search for vegan, vegetarian, veg-friendly and stores in the area around you. There is a free version of the app and a paid version. The paid version has more functions such as letting you save. There are other apps and guides to choose from if you aren't into Happy Cow such as Vegan Norway app if you are visiting Norway or Czech & Slovak Vegan Guide app. Also, you can find websites with vegan guides like Vegans, Baby for Las Vegas.
  2. Vegan Passport. The second step to making vegan travel easy is to use the Vegan Passport. This is an app or a physical book that has a written request for vegan food and an explanation of veganism in virtually every language in the world. This allows you to communicate with people and make requesting vegan food in foreign countries much easier.
  3. Pack snacks. The third step to making vegan travel easy is to pack vegan snacks. Have you ever heard of a food desert? It's an urban area where it is difficult to buy affordable or good quality food. Well despite how widely available vegan food is becoming these days there are some places you might find it impossible to find something vegan. In this case, it is a good idea to bring some portable snacks like vegan granola bars, cliff bars, or trail mix. We were on the waterfront in Seattle where all the restaurants are seafood and it is quite a walk to find anything else. We didn't see any vegan options in the seafood restaurants which is not surprising at all. This has happened a couple other times when we end up hungry on a waterfront.
  4. Make your own food. The fourth step to making vegan travel easy is to make your own food. Worst-case scenario in visiting a place you want to see that doesn't have suitable vegan options would be making your own food. You might have access to a kitchen depending on what sort of accommodations you have in which case you are pretty set. Make breakfast, pack a lunch, maybe cook your own dinner as well. Making your own food might not be for everyone but it is an option. It doesn't have to be fancy either. We've visited London before and had a few meals with sandwich stuff we bought at the grocery store. We made some of the wraps and sandwiches in our hotel room. If you have a kettle in your room you could even have some instant ramen noodles if you can find some vegan ones. That is not really idea though. For more on vegan self-catering see our post: Self-Catering Vegan Holiday.
  5. Research. The fifth step to making vegan travel easy is to do your research. This is probably the most important thing to remember when travelling as a vegan. If you look at your destination beforehand you make everything a lot easy for yourself. Then you can figure out where to eat. You can see what is nearby the sights you want to see and decide where to stay. Stay in a neighbourhood with lots of food choices. Make the choice to stay at an accommodation with a kitchen and a grocery store nearby. You could opt out of going somewhere if it just doesn't seem like a good place for a vegan to travel to but there are vegan travellers that have made it work in all sorts of places all over the world so it all comes down to your own creativity.
Good luck and happy vegan travels. 

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