Previously we wrote a post called VEGAN DELIGHTS OF BIRMINGHAM. We spent 2 years living there and got to know a lot of places to get vegan food. Birmingham is part of the West Midlands and there was a number of places we went to that didn't fit into a Birmingham post so we added them here. This shows that it isn't just London with all the vegan options. There are tons of places to eat in the West Midlands too.

Here are some picks categorized by vegan friendliness. :)

100% Vegan:

Be The Change: This all-vegan cafe in Worcester has lots of vegan comfort food. We've been there a few times and we'd recommend the dirty wedges and the desserts. We would recommend their sharing pizzas pictures below but we didn't see them listed on their menu online so they may or may not be available.

As One Vegan Lifestyle and Greens Vegan Catering: This is a good place for some inexpensive and vegan fast food in Stourport. They have Fry's vegan burgers, Fry's hotdogs, they have mac and cheese and different specials. They carry all sorts of vegan products in their shop as well. We would highly recommend their vegan cakes as they were the highlight of our visit. Dee-Licious! Everything was reasonably priced as well.

The FireFly: This Worcester pub has an all-vegan menu. Another decent place for vegan burgers and vegan junk food. We would recommend the vegan fried "chicken" burger and the loaded fries. Their "beef" style black bean and seitan burgers weren't really our thing so maybe just stick to their "chicken" style burgers. FYI, this place serves fancy beers and ciders so their drink prices are more expensive than your standard pub.

Fusca: Everything here is made from scratch and it's all delicious. This is a gourmet restaurant with a very talented chef. It's all super fresh and made in small batches. This has to be one of the best restaurants we've ever been to. The quality of the food is seemed very high. They are one of those places that are open for lunch service and dinner service and if the food runs out then they close.

Veggie Supreme: We love Mr. Singh's pizza but this place is definitely giving Mr. Singh's a run for his money. The topping choices at Veggie Supreme are much better and the pizza tastes great without being too greasy either. You might just find yourself in Wolverhampton.

Jyoti's Vegetarian Restaurant: This place is actually in Birmingham but still worth mentioning. The curry here is great but the highlight is all the different deep fried fritters they have there. There are all sorts that we've never come across before. The prices are are super reasonable as well. Definitely worth a visit.

Vegan Friendly:

We had a fantastic meal in Moseley at Damascena Coffee House. We ordered 2 Mixed Meze with falafel, fuul mahroos, damacena fuul, baba ghanuuj, avocado hummus, fattuush salad and flatbread. It was all fresh to order and tasted wonderful. We couldn't recommend this place enough. They also have a number of vegan desserts, pastries and drinks. 

Toby Carvery: They have locations all over the UK so this isn't just a West Midlands restaurant. Who would have thought that a meat-centric mainstream restaurant chain would have so many vegan options? This place is ridiculously cheap, has lots of vegan options and it is all you can eat! "All you can eat" is definitely a concept that is largely missing from the vegan food world.

Please note that the Yorkshire Puddings are NOT vegan. We were told that they were upon ordering, but say recently that they aren't. Don't make the same mistake we did.

This ought to help you find some good vegan food while visiting the West Midlands. This is just some of the options. We haven't been to every vegan restaurant, we just posted some of the great ones that we've found. Let us know some of your favourites in the comments below. 

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