Our Most Viewed Posts of All Time. 2018 Wrap Up.

Well, it has been quite the year. We shared with you our Best Vegan Food, our Best Memories and now we share our Most Viewed YouTube Videos and Blog Posts! We put together a post on all our most successful blog posts, travel diaries and Youtube video of all time. We have put out quite a few posts on this blog and some of our most successful posts are a bit of a surprise to us. Why these over the others? Whatever the reason, these posts have way more views than any of our others so this is probably our best work right here. We hope you enjoy these as much as we liked writing them.

Here are our most viewed blog posts and videos for 2018:

5 Helpful Guides and Tips:

1. This is our most popular blog post of all time. We think it has so many views because people are looking for help in planning their own road trips around Scotland. The Northcoast 500 road trip in Scotland is very popular as a bucket list trip. Here have a look at our post on Scotland: 9 Day Itinerary for Road Tripping Around Scotland

2. This is a guide we wrote based on our 2-month road trip across Canada. Travel Tips: Being Vegan on the Road

3. Another post based on our road trip across Canada. Our viewers like tips on how to do a road trip. How to Budget for a Long Road Trip Across Canada

4. We spent quite a bit of time travelling around the UK so we had to make a post on the best vegan food. Best VEGAN Restaurants in the United Kingdom

5. Since Toronto is the only Canadian city people we met in the UK could name it's not surprising that this would be the most popular vegan guide. Vegan Guide to Toronto, Ontario

5 Travel Diaries:

1. This is the most popular travel diary blog post from our Travel Diaries blog. The reason we think people like it is because Montreal is exciting and people also love street art, not to mention Vegan sushi. Pretty much everyone can get behind some good vegan sushi. Have a look at our travel diary on our Montreal trip: Montreal for Brunch, Street Art and Vegan Sushi

2. For Canada's 150th Birthday in 2017, all of the national parks across Canada had these red chairs to sit in. We did a post on the ones we found. We think our readers like this post because it shows some of the beautiful parks across Canada.  Our Parks Canada #sharethechair

3. This is a post on visiting a neighbourhood we used to live in back in the day.  The Neighbourhood of Fernwood, Victoria BC

4. This is a post on one of our favourite campgrounds on our road trip across Canada. It is in Quebec. La Mauricie National Park

5. We love BC and the natural beauty of BC. BC's slogan "The Best Place on Earth" is ridiculously arrogant but it is a scenic place to visit if you like mountains and greenery. Beautiful British Columbia: The Best Place on Earth.

5 YouTube Videos:

1. With the increasing population of people living in their cars/SUVs/vans/RVs, we are not surprised that our DIY videos for living in your car are so popular. Curtains are very important for sleeping in your car! We think we came up with a pretty creative way to do it!  DIY Curtains for SUV/CAR:

2. Thanks to an incredible Ryanair deal, we made it to the very expensive to travel to Switzerland. Most of the sights we saw while there were free or basically free. 10 Sights to See in Basel, Switzerland:

3. Another DIY for Van living for a lovely recycled camping mat. DIY (PLARN) Mats for Camping, Out of PLASTIC BAGS:

4. Birmingham is the second city in England, so the amout of people visiting every year is still quite high, and apparently, they want to know what to eat while they are visiting. What we Eat in Birmingham UK:

5. And again, another DIY. Since we got our inspiration for our SUV sleeping setup from other people online it is not surprising that this video was popular. People look to others to learn about how to set up for sleeping in a car or van. DIY Sleeping Set Up in an SUV:

And now, what does 2019 look like for Wanderlust Vegans? Taking these top posts and videos into consideration, what do people want to see from us?

  • Itineraries
  • Vegan Guides and Tips
  • Road Trip Tips
  • DIY For Living in a Vehicle
  • What We Eat
  • Top Sights to See

There you have it. That is all of our most successful, most views posts and videos as of the end of 2018. We will keep all of these top posts and videos in mind while creating future content. Seeing which ones people viewed is interesting to us since most of them are quite surprising. Sometimes the posts you put the least amount of effort on, come out on top and the ones you try extra hard on, flop. Not that we didn't try on all of these ones. ;)

Thank you all for your continued support throughout the years, we greatly appreciate it.

What do you wish to see from us?! Leave your ideas in the comments below.