New Years Resolution!

Happy New Year!

As we love ourselves a good 30-day challenge, for our New Years Resolution will be to do a 30-day challenge every month for the whole year! At the end of each challenge, we will bring the idea behind them forward into the next month. By the end of December, we should have 12 new healthy habits in our lives.

We put them into a hat and are drawing at random each month. Our plan is to write a blog/video post about each challenge at the end to keep ourselves motivated to complete it. We have a mixture of easy challenges and hard challenges in hopes to keep us going.

Join along with us!

Here are the challenges we have come up with to do:

The idea behind our 30-day challenges is to break old habits and create new habits. If you have any challenge ideas let us know in the comments below.

For our first challenge, we have pulled "Take at Least a 30-Minute Walk every day" This will be a fairly easy challenge for us, as we enjoy walking and walk on a regular basis. The challenging part of this challenge will be convincing ourselves to go out walking in the cold weather. 

Our rules:
1. Aim for longer than 30 minutes.
2. Walk at a reasonable pace.
3. Drink a glass of water after every walk.
4. No Technology, the point of being outside is to enjoy outside.

For our second challenge, we have pulled "Write down one thing you love about yourself and/or significant other every day". We thought that this was EXTREMELY fitting for February as it is the love month. Why not love ourselves and each other a little more this month. :) We encourage you to participate in this exercise for the next 30 days.

1. Focus your thoughts on yourself and/or significant others during the month.
2. Each day take 5 minutes to write down one thing you love about yourself and/or your significant other.
3. Be thankful and grateful for all that you do for yourself and/or significant other.

For our third challenge, we have pulled "No Complaining". This seemed to fit in quite well after a month long challenge of writing what we loved about ourselves and/or significant other! Why not go forward being more positive on a daily basis. While researching for this challenge we found Will Bowen, founder of 'A Complaint Free World' and his 21-day challenge. As our plan with all our challenges is to bring them forward with us into the year we are starting our 21-days and will document the first 30 on our blog.


1. No Complaining.
2. Keep notes on how you feel during a situation you would normally complain about.
3. Try and see the positive side to what's upsetting you
4. Talk positively to others who are complaining or excuse yourself from them.
5. Switch elastic band to other wrist and start at day 1 if you complain.

Along with our No Complaining challenge, we started "C25k!" (Couch to 5k)

Here are some details on our C25K challenge...


1. Follow 8-week C25k program
2. Run/walk every other day.
3. Listen to your body.

For our fourth challenge, we have pulled "Blogging". There are many '30 days of blogging challenges' out there. Basically, the idea behind this is to share a new post every day for 30 days. We have thought of a few daily topics and found a few online that we like. We will be sharing a new blog post every day of April. (This includes our regular scheduled posts for Sunday and Wednesdays.)


1. Post a new blog post every day
2. These posts can be about anything and everything.

For our fifth challenge, we have pulled "Meditation".We thought meditation would help us figure out where/what we need to be in our lives next. We hope to become more relaxed and have clearer intentions for our future. We have used the app headspace before and really liked it. This time we will be using an app called Insight Timer. We have heard many good things about this app and hope it's great!


1. Meditate 10+ minutes every day
2. Meditate at least 30-minutes once a week
3. Total of 380 minutes of Meditation