30 Day Walking Challenge

For our first challenge of the year, we did "Take at Least a 30-Minute Walk Everyday"

1. Aim for longer than 30 minutes.
2. Walk at a reasonable pace.
3. Drink a glass of water after every walk.
4. No Technology, the point of being outside is to enjoy outside.

We are happy that we pulled a walking challenge for our first challenge.

Day One: It was a great day for a walk. The sun was shining, everyone was out walking their dogs and we just felt great about the new year. We ended up going on a 48-minute walk and we were excited to walk the next day.

Day Two: We downloaded an app to track our walks (I know we said no technology, but for the app we start the walk and place it in our pocket. We do not touch it again until we get home.) and we were feeling good until we opened the front door and realized it was pouring rain outside. It was also very windy. Luckily we have one umbrella and were able to fit both of us under it. We knew that we would end up walking in the rain, but on day two it was kind of a bummer. We still did it though, 33-minutes and we were happy we did.

Day Three: It was still pouring rain. It was even wetter outside as huge puddles were beginning to form from over 24 hours of rain. We decided to try out being mall walkers. We picked the slowest mall in town so that we wouldn't have people loitering in our way. We also wouldn't be distracted by Xmas clearance sales. We got our 30-minutes in and hope tomorrow will be a sunny day!

Day Four: The rain stopped! It was such a lovely day. We went for a long walk and ran some errands to keep it interesting. We paused our walking app when we went into the store. Without counting the walking in the store, we walked a total of 52-minutes. 

Day Five: We had another lovely walk without the rain. We managed to up our pace which is great! We have gone from 18/km to 13/km.We hadn't really thought about our pace improving. We walked a total of 33-minutes today.

Day Six: Another beautiful day. We did a 43-minute walk.

Day Seven: One of us went to Victoria for the day and did a whole lot of walking, while the other sat at home. So, we went for a 33-minute walk in the evening.

Day Eight: Apparently the weather wants to test our resolve and gave us wet snow to walk in today! Well, Weather we did it! A 33-minute walk for us!

Day Nine: The snow is gone and we walked in the pouring rain again. Total walk was 37-minutes.

Day Ten: The rain was really light, so we tried to do a longer walk. We ended up walking for 52-minutes. We find that we are walking faster and we have to add new trails or go around the block one more time to get to our original goal of 30-minutes. It is a nice feeling to be able to tell a difference in our physical shape in only ten days. We are starting to look forward to our walks as they have been nice for talking about our goals for the future.

Day Eleven: We had weather much like yesterday and apparently we had a lot to talk about because when we looked at the timer, it had already been 45-minutes. We did another little loop thus totalling 55-minutes for our walk.

Day Twelve - Sixteen: We had a mini holiday in Las Vegas. We spent A LOT of time walking. All of the days except the sixteenth we managed to get a 30-minute continuous walk in. (And A lot more) We did 46-minutes, 48-minutes, 40-minutes, 39-minutes, 1-hour + 14-minutes, and 21-minutes continuously. AND 6-hours and 54-minutes according to my google fit app. Our legs were definitely feeling it by the end of the trip.

Day Seventeen: After a day of running errands and waiting for the rain to stop, we got our walk in at the end of the day. We spent 36-minutes wandering around the block.

Day Eighteen: Working got thrown into the mix of our month. Walking home from work seemed like the most logical thing to do. Giving a total walk of 55-minutes.

Day Nineteen: We walked to work. 46-minutes. Walking to work is definitely not as fun as a leisurely walk through nature.

Day Twenty: We had some more lovely weather and went for a walk in the park. 36-minutes.

Day Twenty-One: We had some errands to run, so we did it on foot instead of driving. 53-minutes.

Day Twenty-Two: It was pouring rain ALL DAY! Not even the nice kind of rain, the gross, cold, depressing kind. We couldn't convince ourselves to cram under one umbrella, so we set a 30-minute timer and walked around the house as fast as we could. It was probably the most boring walk we have done with the challenge.

Day Twenty-Three: We walked to and from work today. Giving us a total of 1hr and 10-minutes.

Day Twenty-Four: Today was an extremely stressful and busy day. We barely had time to eat, let alone remember to go for a walk. Unfortunately sometimes life gets in the way and you have to learn not to beat yourself up over missing something you enjoy.

Day Twenty-Five: To make up for yesterdays terrible day, we went for a lovely hike through the woods and picked up our pace. We also threw in some extra trails and hills along the way. Giving us a 1hr and 7-minute walk.

Day Twenty-Six: We took a walk into a new neighbourhood that is under construction to look inside all of the new houses. Some of the layouts were a little funny, and some we did like. We were hoping to see an open house so we could check it out! total walk was 51-minutes.

Day Twenty-Seven: We went back to the new neighbourhoods because we saw they had an open house. We were curious what the insides looked like. Sometimes having a destination makes it easier to have a longer walk. We walked 45-minutes today.

Day Twenty-Eight: After a busy day of running errands we went for a nice walk in the evening around the block. Totalling 32-minutes for the day.

Day Twenty-Nine: It was such a lovely sunny day, so we went for a walk in the forest. There was a lot of dogs out to play and they all came over to make friends with us. We walked for 45-minutes.

Day Thirty: A lovely morning walk to work. It feels nice to start the day with a walk. 1-hour to work and back.

TOTAL WALKING:  29-Hours and 15-minutes.

We liked that this challenge gave us an easy way to get in some exercise. Walking also helps us think and just talk about anything and everything on our minds. We were able to come up with some plans for our future. Walking really gets your mind working in ways that sitting around wouldn't. Some days we used walking as an excuse to walk to our errands. Basically tricking ourselves into exercising to get stuff done. It was also nice to catch up with each other after the days we spent apart. Walking every day got us out of the house and motivated to do something with the day.

What we would have changed about this challenge is that we would have done a longer minimum walk. 45-minutes seemed to be about the time we would feel really great about the walk. Maybe we would also have an alternative idea for what to do on the days that it was really pouring rain outside. The walk we did in the mall and around our house was not a lot of fun. It would have been beneficial to have a treadmill or a gym membership for days like this.

The hardest part of this challenge was remembering to have a glass of water at the end of our walks. We really need to get in the habit of drinking more water. Another struggle was during the days we were both working and had opposite shifts. It was hard to motivate ourselves to go on the walk alone.

Overall, this was a great challenge and one we hope that we do again. At first, the rain was starting to get annoying, but we came to really look forward to our walks. As a Bonus, we have both lost some weight during this month. And since we are doing all of these challenges to better ourselves long-term, we have come up with a plan for the next month with our walking schedule.

According to the World Health Organization, adults should be doing 150 minutes of exercise every week. With this in mind, we have decided to do 1-hour walks 3x a week going forward (180-minutes). If we find this is not challenging enough during the month of February, we will up it to 4x or 5x a week in March. We really enjoy walking, and it is a great way for us to get in some exercise.

For our second challenge, we have pulled "Write down one thing you love about yourself and/or significant other every day". We thought that this was EXTREMELY fitting for February as it is the love month. Why not love ourselves and each other a little more this month. :) We encourage you to participate in this exercise for the next 30 days.

1. Focus your thoughts on yourself and/or significant others during the month.
2. Each day take 5 minutes to write down one thing you love about yourself and/or your significant other.
3. Be thankful and grateful for all that you do for yourself and/or significant other.

We will share our experience with this challenge on March 1st when we will also reveal what challenge we have pulled for our third challenge of the year! Let us know if you are joining in and how your challenge is going!