Best Vegan Food of 2018

Do you remember our post 'Best Vegan Food of 2017'? Do you remember how hungry it made you?! How you bought that one-way ticket to Europe to indulge in the delicious looking food we found? ... Do you have money saved up? Get your wallet ready, you just might buy a plane ticket to get your hands on some of this delicious food this year!

*Warning, do not view this blog post on an empty stomach!*

Now that you have all been warned, prepare yourself for some amazing looking food that we found on our travels in 2018.

Here we will sort our favourite food of the year by country.

For Veganuary this year, Las Vegas had a huge Veganuary event on put on by "Vegans, Baby" were many restaurants had specials on vegan food. We decided to jump on a plane and join in on the fun. Our favourite place we had the pleasure of eating at was Flippin' Good Burgers. They had the most amazing 'Chi'kin burger that we have ever had! We will definitely go back to Las Vegas and get this delicious burger again!


In 2018 Canada was introduced to the Beyond Meat patty. A pub that is local to us, Coach and Horses, decided to add a Beyond Meat burger to their menu for us pesky vegans. At first, we weren't too sure on the taste, it was too similar to beef to us. It was a bit disturbing since we were afraid of getting a real beef burger by mistake. The more we ate it, the less weird it was, the more we began to love it. To a non-vegan person, I would say this burger patty isn't identical to beef, but it's a great substitute.

We headed to Vancouver to see a concert and we had heard such good things about Cartems Donuterie that we had to drop in. These donuts did not disappoint. Smoked Maple Walnut was our favourite. It is the best donut we have ever had and we've had plenty of great donuts!

In October we went to Victoria very briefly and found some vegan cupcakes at a cupcake place in Uptown shopping centre. The cupcake place is called Cupcakes at Uptown.

We went for another quick visit to Victoria. While we were there we tried a new vegan cafe called Fern Cafe and Bakery. They have a Hamburger Mac and Cheese that is delicious even if the pictures don't do it justice.


We got a chance to try quite a few new places while we were in the UK for the summer.

We had some amazing vegan pizza at Veggie Supreme in Wolverhampton. They have a Vegan Jerk Chicken Pizza that we'd highly recommend.

At the Coventry Vegan Festival, we had some fantastic doner kebabs from Bamboo Street Food.

We went out to eat at an amazing vegetarian/vegan restaurant called Fusca with some new friends. The food there was so fresh and tasty. Plus the atmosphere was really cool. A great place for a date.

During a visit to London,we had some delicious donuts that were also remarkably well decorated. The white one was cream filled with some sort of coconut cream. The peanut butter and jam one was great as well.

Holy Cow in Edinburgh has some absolutely delicious cake and massive portions too. Holy Cow indeed.

The burger and fries we had at the restaurant Happy Friday Kitchen in Oxford were great, especially the loaded fries. The fries were the most delicious loaded fries we've had recently.

Chesters Restaurant and Bar in Worcester UK had the best Mexican food we've had in the UK and they have tons of vegan options including vegan sour cream! Very tasty.

We had some burgers at the Stourbridge vegan festival from Got No Beef that was quite good. 

Probably the best place we checked out was the Syrian restaurant called Damascena. They had a combo plate we really enjoyed with falafel, hummus, salad, flatbread and a choice of Fuul. It was delicious and fresh tasting and they have a few locations in the Brum area.


The food highlight of our trip to Iceland was our visit to Kaffi Vinyl where we got excellent wraps.


We finally made it to Paris and really enjoyed eating at Hank Burger and especially Hank Pizza.

It's been a fun year and food wise it's been a yummy year as always. We've found lots of places to eat with great food and atmosphere as well. If you ever get the chance, check out one of these amazing places.

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