Travel Tips: Self Catering Vegan Holiday

Here we have another post on travel tips. We want to help you have a great trip and save money too. That is why we keep making these posts so that you can benefit from our experience and avoid some potential headaches that could ruin your fun.

One of the great options when it comes to finding food on holiday is self catering. Self catering is an easy way to save money, eat healthy and eat well in places with limited vegan options. You don't have to self cater all of your meals but having the ability to self cater lets you pick and choose when it's right to go out for food.

Here are our tips for self catering.

1. Find accommodation with a kitchen. The more kitchen amenities you have at your disposal at your chosen accommodation the easier it is to self cater. You can often find airbnbs, guest houses, suites and hostels that have access to a kitchen, a fridge, a microwave, a hot plate, or maybe just a kettle. It is possible to self cater in a hotel room without any of these amenities but you might end up just eating peanut butter and jam sandwiches or something.

2. Find out where the closest grocery stores are and buy food there.  Have a look on google maps and plan on grocery shopping. If your accommodation has a fridge you can buy perishables, if you have a can opener then you can buy canned food and if you have a stove or microwave then you can make cooked food. Keep in mind what sort of kitchen amenities you will have access to and shop accordingly. If there is no grocery stores close to your accommodation you'll have to shop before you get there. Please note that not all kitchens come with spices so make sure to buy or bring the necessary spices from home.

3. Make breakfast, lunch and dinner at your accommodation. You can make a packed lunch so you don't have to come back for lunch. You can self cater all of your meals for maximum savings or just breakfast. If it is inconvenient to eat in your accommodation then pack some food with you when you go out for the day.

4. Makes sure to buy Tea and Coffee. Tea and coffee in a cafe or restaurant is quite expensive so one of the easy ways to save money is to make it in the morning at your accommodation. Plus it's nice to have some caffeine before you get out in the world anyway. We aren't saying don't go to cafes but you can save a little money have having your first one at your chosen accommodation.

5. Tupperware makes it easier to transport and bring with you while you are out. Something that will make your life easier is Tupperware. It is easy to forget to bring Tupperware or containers but if you have them then it will make packing a lunch so much easier and it opens up more options in terms of what food you can bring with you for a picnic. You can also bring travel mugs with you for your coffee and tea. That way when you are out in public you don't need to go anywhere for coffee if you have it with you already. Or you can get your coffee mug filled up at a local cafe. 

We made a shopping list of reasonable food items to buy for self catering. You can go fancier if you'd like. 

Sample shopping list:

Lettuce/Salad Mix
Stirfry veggie mix
Soy Milk
Instant Coffee
Sauce for Stirfry
Trail Mix

There we helped you get started self catering while on holiday so you can hopefully save some money and use that money to do fun stuff. Imagine all the entertainment you can do with the money you saved. Sure it's fun to go out to eat as well and you can do that too. This self catering business helped us out a lot on our trip to Wales. There weren't a lot of places nearby to go for vegan food. There were some but we also wanted to save some money as the trip to Wales was already quite expensive. Self Catering for the win.

If you are on a longer holiday and are doing more of a road trip, see our post: Being Vegan on the Road for more meal ideas.