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Vegan Travel Interview with Alternative Travelers

Sam and Veren, a couple from NYC that explores the world on a low budget and in an alternative and sustainable way. We prefer to slow travel and do so through creative cost-saving methods like housesitting, which helps us make meaningful connections everywhere we go. We started Alternative Travelers to show that neither traveling nor eating vegan has to be expensive or difficult and that life can have as many options as you have imagination.



You may remember us meeting up with Sam and Veren on our trip to Madrid back in January 2017. We were lucky enough to get to hang out with them in Madrid and go for a meal. We only had a short time in Madrid but they helped us make the most of it thanks to their insider knowledge of Madrid and the vegan scene there. They have quite a unique approach to travel and luckily we got a chance to interview them so hopefully we can learn a thing or two about their travel st…

Travel Tips: Self Catering Vegan Holiday

Here we have another post on travel tips. We want to help you have a great trip and save money too. That is why we keep making these posts so that you can benefit from our experience and avoid some potential headaches that could ruin your fun.

One of the great options when it comes to finding food on holiday is self catering. Self catering is an easy way to save money, eat healthy and eat well in places with limited vegan options. You don't have to self cater all of your meals but having the ability to self cater lets you pick and choose when it's right to go out for food.

Here are our tips for self catering.

1. Find accommodation with a kitchen. The more kitchen amenities you have at your disposal at your chosen accommodation the easier it is to self cater. You can often find airbnbs, guest houses, suites and hostels that have access to a kitchen, a fridge, a microwave, a hot plate, or maybe just a kettle. It is possible to self cater in a hotel room without any of these amenit…