Vegan Travel Interview with Vegan Vs Travel

Laura Cody has been travelling the world full-time for the past four years. She loves martial arts, Budapest and tahini. Check her out at Vegan vs Travel.



You may remember Laura from when we did our mini Vegan Travel Interviews when we asked seven other vegan travel bloggers the following questions:

Why are you travelling? Why did you become vegan?
and Where in the world did you discover your best meal/vegan find?
Today, Laura is back on our blog answering more questions about her vegan travel lifestyle. We are excited to have the opportunity to interview her again and get her perspective on vegan travel. She's fun, she has a lot of personality and she travels to tons of interesting destinations. Here's our conversation with Laura:

Which came first travel or veganism? How did one affect the other?

Travel came first and made me vegan - seeing dogs at the butchers in Vietnam made me finally make the connection between animals and meat and visiting an organic, free range 'cruelty free' dairy farm in Slovenia made me give up dairy.

Which country would you move to for their vegan scene?

Berlin, Chiang Mai and Brighton would all be possible candidates.

Would you rather go to any vegan restaurant OR local non-veg restaurants for veganised meals? Why?

I'd rather go to vegan restaurants because it's just easier, I don't have to worry about double checking everything. Also I used to work in a kitchen with 'veganised' meals - they'd often use the meat knife to cut veg as a 'joke' or just straight up add melted butter to things - hot tip, don't eat at Wetherspoons in the UK.

What resource do you use when finding vegan food on your travels?

I use Happy Cow to find the nearest vegan restaurants but I prefer to read vegan blog recommendations from people I like.

Do you prefer travelling to vegan-friendly destinations? Or do you prefer to discover how vegan-friendly a place is when you arrive?

Na, the three places I found the hardest to be vegan in last year (Italy, Japan and the Philippines) are three of my favourite countries. I would definitely push a destination higher on my list if I heard it was vegan-friendly, but I like a challenge and an infamous non-vegan friendly destination wouldn't put me off. You can find rice and veg everywhere.

Which vegan-friendly places would you recommend others visit?

Bali of course, anywhere in Eastern Europe during lent and I love Budapest

How do you stay healthy while travelling? What are your go-to snacks?

I love to do martial arts - kickboxing, boxing and krav maga and I do yoga if I can't find a good club. My go to snacks are apples and nuts.

Do you prefer cooking your own meals when travelling or do you like eating out at restaurants?

I like a good mixture of both, eating out all the time makes me feel ill but cooking all the time gets boring after a while.

How do you choose the type of accommodation you want to stay in?

Sometimes I work with hotels, sometimes I stay with friends, sometimes I house sit - it depends on where I am and what I'm doing there.

Would you rather solo travel, travel with someone or go on group tours?

I find group tours really restrictive and boring. Mostly I travel with my fiancé but we've just discovered the joys of travelling with vegan friends.

Do you document your vegan travel finds? if so, please link post or page

Yep :)

What is your best travel advice/tip for a new travelling vegan?

Sometimes you'll be stuck with plain rice at a restaurant or bread and fruit at a supermarket or Oreos at the corner shop, but stick with it because you've also just opened up your travels to an almost infinite amount of new foods. Carnists often feel sorry for us because 'we have nothing to eat'. But really eating the same three meats all over the planet is the real tragedy here.

Thank you, Laura, for participating in our vegan travel interview! 

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