Vegan Travel Interview with Plant Powered PhD

Plant Powered PhD is a computer science student that is vegan for the animals. When he's not staring at a computer screen or struggling with social media addiction, he likes to travel and he's been to quite a few interesting places.


Today on our blog, we have a fun interview with our friend Lucas. He's a PhD student and world traveller that has been to many cool places and is looking forward to lots more vegan travel adventures. Today we get to know Lucas a little better as he is answering questions about his vegan travel lifestyle. Without further ado here is our vegan travel interview with PlantPoweredPHD.

Why are you Vegan?

I’m vegan for the animals!

Why are you travelling?

I enjoy visiting new places but mainly I enjoy seeing different types of architecture and unusual climates that are quite different from the UK.

Where in the world is the most vegan-friendly place you have travelled to?

Berlin and Tel Aviv are the top two vegan friendly places that I have visited.

Which came first travel or veganism? How did one affect the other?

I have done most of my travelling after I became vegan. Being vegan means that I have intentionally travelled to places that are great for vegans, such as Berlin and Tel Aviv.

Which country would you move to for their vegan scene?

Israel, Tel Aviv is probably the vegan capital of the world with many active animal rights organisations.

Would you rather go to any vegan restaurant OR local non-veg restaurants for veganised meals? Why?

I’m not bothered either way. If a vegan restaurant serves good food then that is great but if a non-vegan restaurant serves better food then I will go there. It’s important to support the sale of good quality vegan food no matter where and by whom it is sold.

What resource do you use when finding vegan food on your travels?

Happycow is all that is needed!

Do you research how vegan-friendly a destination is before booking your travels?

I usually look but it doesn’t affect where I travel to

Do you prefer travelling to vegan-friendly destinations? Or do you prefer to discover how vegan-friendly a place is when you arrive?

I’m open to visiting places that are not very vegan friendly but sometimes it is nice to visit a place where you know vegan food will be easily available.

Which vegan-friendly places would you recommend others visit?

Madrid and Cape Town are surprisingly vegan friendly

How do you stay healthy while travelling? What are your go-to snacks?

I usually take Huel with me, it’s a dietician designed meal replacement shake that has contains 100% your nutritional requirements so it saves time as well as being super healthy.

Do you prefer cooking your own meals when travelling or do you like eating out at restaurants?

I prefer to eat out during the day but in the evenings I prefer to cook my own meals before I go out again.

How do you choose the type of accommodation you want to stay in?

I usually stay in an airBnB, having a kitchen really cuts down on the cost of travelling as there is no requirement to eat out every night, this also helps a lot if the city is not very vegan friendly.

Would you rather solo travel, travel with someone or go on group tours?

I prefer to organise my own trips so I usually travel by myself or with one other person.

Do you document your vegan travel finds? if so, please link post or page

What is your best travel advice/tip for a new travelling vegan?

Make sure that you have an internet connection on  your phone so you can use happycow to find nearby restaurants. 

Thank you, Lucas, for participating in our vegan travel interview! 

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