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Simple Taco Salad

Simple Taco Salad
We are all for easy recipes so this one is very simple. It's a taco salad.
Head of Lettuce Tortilla Chips Canned Kidney Beans Onions Corn Peppers (Red, Yellow, Orange or Green) Guacamole Salsa Vegan Sour Cream  Garlic Paprika Oregano Oil (Optional) 1 Zucchini (courgette)
Wash and chop lettuce.  For bean mixture: In a pan fry up chopped onion, canned kidney beans, zucchini, red pepper, diced garlic with a little oil. You can always skip the oil and just use a bit of water. Add paprika, oregano. Cook until veggies are soft and the mixture is dry if you added water while cooking. 
In a bowl place tortilla chips on the bottom then, cover with salad. Put the bean mixture on top of the salad.
Top with corn, salsa, guacamole, and vegan sour cream.
Done. That is a taco salad!

Vegan Travel Interview with Plant Powered PhD

Plant Powered PhD is a computer science student that is vegan for the animals. When he's not staring at a computer screen or struggling with social media addiction, he likes to travel and he's been to quite a few interesting places.


Today on our blog, we have a fun interview with our friend Lucas. He's a PhD student and world traveller that has been to many cool places and is looking forward to lots more vegan travel adventures. Today we get to know Lucas a little better as he is answering questions about his vegan travel lifestyle. Without further ado here is our vegan travel interview with PlantPoweredPHD.

Why are you Vegan?

I’m vegan for the animals!

Why are you travelling?

I enjoy visiting new places but mainly I enjoy seeing different types of architecture and unusual climates that are quite different from the UK.

Where in the world is the most vegan-friendly place you have travelled to?

Berlin and Tel Aviv are the top two vegan friendl…

How to Create a Self Guided City Tour

There are a number of ways to explore a city. Sometimes you might want to take a tour of the city when you first arrive to see all of the big landmarks and famous sights. City tours can be quite expensive, some bus tours can cost upwards of $50 a person! We have come up with some tips to help save you money while you are exploring a big city.

Research. Research the city you are headed to and write out all the places you wish to see.Get a Map. Mark all the places on the map (Note. Tour bus maps are an easy route to go for this)Gauge the size of the city. Can you walk, or do you need to take public transport? Take some time to research the public transport system. Where does it go? How often does it run? How much does it cost?Tour in a Circle. Once everything is mapped out try to navigate in a circle so you do not have to backtrack. We also map out a few places to eat along the way so there is something nearby when we get hungry OR you bring a packed lunch to save money.Wear the Right Ge…

Vegan Guide to Reykjavik, Iceland

Reykjavik is the capital of Iceland and is Iceland's most populated city. If you're planning a trip to Iceland you are more than likely going to end up in Reykjavik at some point. Keflavik International Airport and the Blue Lagoon Iceland Geothermal Spa are both about a 40-minute drive away from Reykjavik. Luckily there are now a few places to find vegan food in Reykjavik.

Why You Should Go: Iceland is a great place to visit for the scenery, geothermal pools and hot springs, and now there are some vegan food options. People like to visit Iceland to see nature, see the northern lights in the winter, and visit the Blue Lagoon Iceland Geothermal Spa.

Getting to Reykjavik: You can fly to Keflavík International Airport and get a bus, taxi or rental car to Reykjavik. You can also take a cruise ship to Iceland as there are cruises that travel to Iceland starting in the UK or Germany. There might be some other starting points as well.

How vegan-friendly is it? We found that Reykjavik…

Golden Circle Direct Tour

We finally made it to Iceland on our cruise ship. This is the longest cruise we've ever been on and it felt like we'd been on the boat for quite a long time. You can book excursions directly through the cruise ship but we found that the tour we wanted to go on was half the price if you booked it directly with a local tour company. There are a few different companies to choose from. First, we got off the ship and tried to find the pickup point where our tour bus was meant to meet us. We had to wait for a while but a van picked us up outside this Iceland merch store. It took us to a bus depot where we caught our tour bus for the Iceland Golden Circle Direct Tour. The tour would take us to see a big geyser called Geysir, a massive waterfall called Gullfoss and Thingvellir National Park. These are some of the most popular attractions to see in Iceland. Seeing as how we didn't feel like going through the trouble of renting a car, a bus tour was the best way to go about seeing …