Top Five Places to Visit in the United Kingdom

We have travelled all around the UK over a few different visits. We did a road trip around Scotland back in 2011, we lived in England on a 2-year working holiday 2015-2017, and we came back to visit again in 2018. We have quite a bit of experience travelling around the UK and seeing the sights. Have a look at our top five places to visit in the UK, that way when you visit the UK you'll know where to start.

#1 Edinburgh.
It's the capital of Scotland and we'd definitely put visiting Edinburgh on you UK visit priority list. It is such an interesting looking city with the massive Edinburgh Castle, Arthur's Seat, parks like The Meadows, Edinburgh New Town and Edinburgh Old Town.

#2 Lake District National Park.
There are quite a few National Parks in the UK but the Lake District needs a place in the top five because of the fantastic scenery. There is lakes, countryside, and mountains in the lake district so it is a fun place to visit to see the outdoors. The are plenty of opportunities for hiking of all skill levels. Plus there is quite a few unique towns and B&Bs to stay at making a trip to the Lake District a must do.

#3 York.
York is an attractive walled city in the north of England. This is a must see city for history buffs. You can walk along the city wall, look inside the massive York Minster Cathedral, visit the York Shambles, and see the view from the top of York Castle. There is history everywhere from the Jorvik Viking Centre to the Roman Baths underneath an old pub.

#4 Dorset.
Dorset is a whole county but it has so many beautiful sights that it's worth including the whole county rather than picking one specific spot. See Dulston Country Park, Old Harry Rocks, Corfe Castle and Studland and Godlingston Heath National Nature Reserve. It's a nice county for driving around, enjoying the beautiful coast and seeing the villages as well.

#5 Isle of Skye.
It's hard to go wrong visiting the Highlands of Scotland but the Isle of Skye stands out. There is so much natural beauty there and fun hikes to do. There are breathtaking landscapes everywhere you look. A fun place to stay is the Cowshed which we would highly recommend. It has to be one of the most unique places we've stayed.

What a list of places to visit in the UK. It's difficult to narrow it down but we did our best. Obviously, there is a lot more to see in the UK but this ought to get you started. There are many places that we haven't travelled to yet in the UK and so we've limited this list to places we've travelled to. We left out London since it's the biggest and most well-known city in the UK. We love London but it felt pointless to add it to a small list like this.

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