Coventry Viva! Vegan Festival

When we were living in the UK for 2 years we went to a lot of different vegan festivals all around the country. It was a good way to see a bunch of places we'd never been to before.
We are back in the UK but this time our visit didn't coincide with many vegan festivals but we did want to make a point of going to the Coventry one since it was so close by.
It was held in Coventry Cathedral. There was a bunch of food stalls in the bombed out portion of the cathedral.
We, of course, couldn't resist getting our hands on some woodfire vegan pizza from Mission Pizza
 We got the New York Kick pizza.
 There were lots of shirts available inside. The festival was put on by Viva! We went to a talk on the link between yoga and veganism.
 We had a look at all the stalls inside and tried out all the samples. There were samples of chocolate, brownies, banana bread, kombucha, and cosmetics. Then we got a Greek Gyros Kebab wrap and a Lebanese Shwarma Kebab wrap outside at Bamboo Street Food.
 Before leaving we got some brownies from a place called Dark Matters. We ate them at home and they were as delicious as we expected.
We really enjoyed ourselves at the Coventry Viva Vegan festival. We were impressed with all the food and stalls. We wish we could have tried more food but we have our limits. If you have a chance check out a Viva vegan festival as Viva knows how to put on a good festival.