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Vegan Travel Interview with The Vegan Word

Caitlin Galer-Unti is an author and the vegan food and travel writer behind The Vegan Word. She has published two books, The Essential Vegan Travel Guide and the Barcelona Vegan Guide. Caitlin has lived in the US, UK and Spain and has travelled to more than 30 countries (and counting!).


This month we have the pleasure to post yet another interesting interview with a vegan traveller. Caitlin has a fun vegan travel blog and instagram to follow. She has been all around the world and her blog has lots of informative posts to help you on your travels including vegan guidebooks, vegan recipes, vegan travel experiences and other information to help make vegan travel easy. She even has a post on Dog-Friendly Places in London which is such a great idea. We feel lucky to have the chance to interview her and we really enjoyed her answers. Without further ado here is our interview with Caitlin.
Why are you travelling? 
I’ve al…

Top Five Places to Visit in the United Kingdom

We have travelled all around the UK over a few different visits. We did a road trip around Scotland back in 2011, we lived in England on a 2-year working holiday 2015-2017, and we came back to visit again in 2018. We have quite a bit of experience travelling around the UK and seeing the sights. Have a look at our top five places to visit in the UK, that way when you visit the UK you'll know where to start.

#1 Edinburgh.
It's the capital of Scotland and we'd definitely put visiting Edinburgh on you UK visit priority list. It is such an interesting looking city with the massive Edinburgh Castle, Arthur's Seat, parks like The Meadows, Edinburgh New Town and Edinburgh Old Town.

#2 Lake District National Park.
There are quite a few National Parks in the UK but the Lake District needs a place in the top five because of the fantastic scenery. There is lakes, countryside, and mountains in the lake district so it is a fun place to visit to see the outdoors. The are plenty of opp…

Vegan Guide to Worcester, England

Worcester is a city in England southwest of Birmingham. It has a population of about 100,000 people which is a good size but not intimidating to people that aren't keen on big cities. The city is beside the River Severn where you can spot a lot of swans. There is pubs, a Cathedral, and historic buildings. It's a typical English city. In fact, it's Britain's most average place.

Why You Should Go:  It is a nice sized city in the UK with plenty of shops, restaurants and nice buildings. The riverside of the River Severn is a nice place for a walk and there is a Cathedral there called Worcester Cathedral. It is similar to many English cities in that there are lots of different shops, museums, parks, monuments and pubs to check out.

Getting to Worcester:

How vegan-friendly is it? We found it to be more vegan-friendly than we would have expected for a smaller city. There isn't a ton of vegan places but there are 2 fully vegan establishments and many non-vegan places with veg…

Coventry Viva! Vegan Festival

When we were living in the UK for 2 years we went to a lot of different vegan festivals all around the country. It was a good way to see a bunch of places we'd never been to before. We are back in the UK but this time our visit didn't coincide with many vegan festivals but we did want to make a point of going to the Coventry one since it was so close by. It was held in Coventry Cathedral. There was a bunch of food stalls in the bombed out portion of the cathedral. We, of course, couldn't resist getting our hands on some woodfire vegan pizza from Mission Pizza.   We got the New York Kick pizza.  There were lots of shirts available inside. The festival was put on by Viva! We went to a talk on the link between yoga and veganism.  We had a look at all the stalls inside and tried out all the samples. There were samples of chocolate, brownies, banana bread, kombucha, and cosmetics. Then we got a Greek Gyros Kebab wrap and a Lebanese Shwarma Kebab wrap outside at Bamboo Street F…