6 MORE Tips to Planning a Great Holiday for Less

Do you love travelling? Are you short on cash? Don't think you can afford a holiday this year? 

Think again! We have put together 6 MORE tips to help you plan a holiday for less. This post goes alongside our post 6 Tips to Planning a Great Holiday for Less. Now you have 12 great tips to help you get on that holiday you have always wanted.

1. Figure out your maximum $$ amount you wish to spend.

We usually have the dollar amount of $2000 for the both of us, and we try and see how far we can stretch it. We could easily find a holiday for 1 week for a $1000 each, but we like to try and get 2 weeks or more out of that!

2. Don't Get Cancellation Insurance For a Budget Trip

There are definitely some scenarios where you are going to want cancellation insurance. It can feel like a gamble but if you are going on a budget trip with super cheap flights and accommodation then why bother paying for cancellation insurance when most of the time it is quite expensive. In most cases, the cancellation insurance won't even cover the reason you would be cancelling. Be sure to read any fine print before purchases.

3. Take Advantage of Rewards Programs

It doesn't matter what rewards program you use, there are many out there, but if you build up enough points it can help you budget holiday plan. We have a credit card that gives us money back on travel purchases which helps us a little bit. It does take a long time to save up enough to use the rewards but why not do it. A little bit of money back once in awhile is better than nothing!

4. Track Flight Prices

You can use a website like Skyscanner and Google Flights and use the options to track flights. They will send you an email when there is a price change which could be the deciding factor in what flight you take. We usually pick a few different airlines/dates/routes and track all of them going to the same destination. When one gets low enough for our budget we will book that one.

5. Book Hotels with Extras Included

When booking a hotel look to see if there are any extras included. We like free wifi, free breakfast, airport shuttles, complimentary coffee and tea. There are sometimes discounts offered by the hotel to nearby attractions. Take advantage of these extras and save some money.

6. Seek Out Deals like All Inclusive, Sales, Special Offers and Group Discounts.

If you are willing to go the all-inclusive route then you can often find a budget hotel since a lot of your expenses are paid for upfront such as food, accommodation and drinks. You can sometimes book excursions as well at a discount or 2 for the price of 3.

Sometimes you can get 2 for 1 deals on tourist traps when you show your proof of train or bus tickets.

If a cruise is having trouble selling out then the cruise line will offer some deep discounts to get people on board. That is part of why we've been on so many cruises ourselves.

Also, booking as a group can have an advantage because you can sometimes get a group discount on things or be able to afford something better by being able to share the cost.

That's it for now! Have fun planning your next big adventure.

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