Top Five Places to Visit in Canada

We went on a cross Canada road trip and it was one of the best experiences of our lives. There are so many places that were a pleasure to visit but we tried to nail down the top five places to share with you. It was hard to choose but these are definitely the top five highlights from our Canadian Road Trip.

#1 The Rocky Mountains.
The scenery in the Rocky Mountains is unbelievable and breathtaking as people often say. Being surrounded by mountains and snow it's hard to know where to look because it all looks amazing. The drive will definitely keep you awake as you're going up and down and around through the mountains with lots of places to stop and take pictures.

#2 Toronto.
Toronto has one of the best vegan scenes in Canada with tons of restaurants to choose from. There is also a number of places to find vegan options in non-vegan restaurants. There is even a store that sells vegan clothes like high-quality belts and shoes that are vegan.

#3 Montreal. 
What a great city to visit with all sorts of stuff going on. When we were there, there was a film festival, there was a theme park, we drove around the F1 racetrack, and there were tons of great restaurants to check out. We didn't have any mediocre food in Montreal that's for sure.

#4 Cape Breton.
This had got to be the most fun drive there is to do in all of Canada. The roads hug the coast going up and down the highlands on this incredible island. The ocean looks amazing and there are tons of places to stop to snap some pictures or go for a hike. Cape Breton National park has great camping, sandy beaches and the fantastic view of the ocean everywhere. What out for those bears though!

#5 Prince Edward Island.
It's the smallest province but it has a lot of heart. The beaches and the parks are worth the visit. The red sandy beaches, the sand dunes, the nature hikes, the lighthouses, and the historic sights like green gables are what keep people visiting PEI. Charlottetown is a lot of fun to explore as well with its waterfront area and historic buildings. You'll love PEI.

Wow doesn't that make you want to drive across Canada and see all that Canada has to offer. There are so many different regions and amazing places to see across Canada that there is something for every taste really. You like cities, nature, ocean, lakes, and mountains?

Where is your favourite place in Canada?

Here check out our selfies across Canada video as see how much fun we had.

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