Vegan Travel Interview with Vegan Voyagers

We are Hayden and Aaron Hall, 2 vegans traveling the US in an RV with 5 cats, a dog & a silkie chicken named Brienne of Tarth. In late 2016 we sold everything we owned and set off on an adventure of a lifetime! We plan to visit every state, every National Park, and eat at as many vegan restaurants as we possibly can. There’s no slowing down for us, as once we’ve explored the US, we plan to continue traveling internationally! 

You may remember Hayden and Aaron from when we did our mini Vegan Travel Interviews when we asked seven other vegan travel bloggers the following questions:

Why are you travelling? Why did you become vegan?
and Which city did you find to be the most vegan-friendly that you have travelled to? and What is your favourite restaurant there?

Today, They are back on our blog answering more questions about their vegan travel lifestyle. We enjoy following their travels living in an RV driving around the USA and get excited about the vegan dishes they find! They have added a few USA destinations to our bucket list. With that in mind, let's learn more about Vegan Voyagers.

Which came first travel or veganism? How did one affect the other?
We were both vegan long before we started to travel full-time. We currently live in an RV and travel full-time in the United States with our 5 cats, a dog, and a silkie chicken named Brienne of Tarth. This allows us to seek out and eat at as many vegan restaurants as we possibly can! We love that we can travel with our entire brood of fur kids, while eating some of the best vegan food around the country. 

Which country would you move to for their vegan scene?

We haven’t done a lot of international travel yet, but from the cities we have visited, we would pick Toronto, Canada. However, we have heard amazing things about Chiang Mai in Thailand and Berlin, Germany. Luckily, veganism is exploding around the world and it’s easier than ever to be vegan and find delicious options in every country! 

Would you rather go to any vegan restaurant OR local non-veg restaurants for veganised meals? Why?

Wow, that’s a tough question. We happily eat at non-veg restaurants that have amazing vegan food. We’re not “above” eating at places that serve meat and in fact, we try and support any restaurant that introduces a vegan option. This shows that there is a demand for vegan food and with luck, they end up keeping it on the menu. Our favorite dish is the chick’n and waffles at the Wynn hotel in Las Vegas. In fact, all of the restaurants at both the Wynn and the Encore have an entire vegan menu. We would say that it makes things a lot easier to go to a fully vegan restaurant, it gives you peace of mind to know that what you’re ordering won’t have animal products in it. 

What resource do you use when finding vegan food on your travels?

We highly recommend and pull it up whenever we’re in a new city. Aaron also recently created an app that helps indecisive people choose somewhere to eat called The Vegan Restaurant Chooser. It will pick a random nearby vegan restaurant for you! We also default to our social networks for recommendations when we’re in a new city. 

Do you research how vegan-friendly a destination is before booking your travels?
We definitely look to see how vegan friendly a destination is before we go somewhere, but it doesn’t deter us if there aren’t any vegan options. Fortunately, we travel with our own kitchen, so if we’re not able to go out to eat, we can still make our meals at home. However, we do seek out vegan friendly cities. We went to NYC just for the food scene. 

Do you prefer travelling to vegan-friendly destinations? Or do you prefer to discover how vegan-friendly a place is when you arrive?
We have gone to certain cities simply because of their vegan friendliness, including Toronto and Asheville, NC. We love being able to eat at as many restaurants as possible, so we would lean on the side of preferring a vegan friendly destination. However, some places have surprised us after thinking there wouldn’t be anything available for us to eat. Luckily most Thai and Indian restaurants will always have something vegan available. 

Which vegan-friendly places would you recommend others visit?
There are so many! Some of our favorites include, Las Vegas, NV, Portland, OR, Asheville, NC, Toronto, ON, and New York City. Each one of those cities has a wealth of fully vegan restaurants or extensive vegan menus that are sure to please anyone!

How do you stay healthy while travelling? What are your go-to snacks?
That’s actually something we’re working on because we have packed on quite a bit of weight from eating lots of processed foods. Our favorite cheap go-to snack would be rice cakes with hummus. That’s easy to travel with too, we have a little mini cooler that we keep the hummus in while driving in the car. We also love Skinny Pop popcorn (not sure how healthy that is). Of course, there’s always Clif bars stashed in the car “in case of emergencies.” We’ve also begun working out first thing in the morning to help shed some of the extra weight.

Do you prefer cooking your own meals when travelling or do you like eating out at restaurants?
If we had the budget to eat out for every meal, then we definitely would. Unfortunately, we’ve got a budget we stick to, so eating out is more of a luxury. If we know we’re going to a city where we will be eating out a lot, we make sure to save as much as we can in the weeks leading up to it, so we can indulge as much as possible. Otherwise, we love cooking and grilling at home, even though it’s a bit of a challenge in such a small RV kitchen. 

How do you choose the type of accommodation you want to stay in?
Since we’re in an RV, we prefer to stay in campgrounds. We aren’t fully set up with solar power yet, so we can’t do a lot of “boondocking” (camping with no hookups). We love state parks, since the campsites are more spacious and are more entwined in nature than cramped RV parks. However, when we do start traveling without the RV, we will likely stay at Airbnb's since we love that you get a full kitchen, which you wouldn’t get in a hotel room. 

Would you rather solo travel, travel with someone or go on group tours?
We tend to avoid people and crowds if possible, so we would definitely stay away from group tours. Otherwise, we prefer to travel together, since it’s more fun with a partner in crime! Plus, then there’s always someone to take photos of you. 

Do you document your vegan travel finds? if so, please link post or page
Yes! We have an entire section on our website called “Vegan Eats” where we review all the vegan restaurants that we eat at on our travels. We also document the restaurants in our weekly vlogs on YouTube.

What is your best travel advice/tip for a new travelling vegan?
The best advice that we can offer is to use the Happy Cow app. It will pull up vegan food based on your location and it’s a lifesaver! Plus, just knowing what kind of foods can be made vegan when you’re at a restaurant that doesn’t have any specific vegan options, is super helpful. There’s always salad and french fries! Plus, since we live on the road, we favor Taco Bell more than we should. It’s a great resource to be able to grab a quick bite to eat in the middle of nowhere. 

Thank you, Hayden and Aaron, for participating in our vegan travel interview! For those of you who are just learning about vegan travel and veganism, check out Aarons new app and get eating!

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