If you are planning a visit to Canada, or maybe you're a Canadian looking to do some domestic travel, then these are the places you are going to want to check out. Canada is full of natural beauty and wilderness to enjoy so there are lots of reasons to visit Canada. You're not going to find a vegan donut shop out in the wilderness so this is a city slicker guide on the best places veganised across Canada.

Chances are when you visit Canada you are going to end up in a city even if you're on your way to somewhere more remote. Bigger cities tend to be the best places to visit for vegan food in Canada. For the smaller towns, you can always try your luck at finding some vegan options or hit up the local grocery store. Use the Happy Cow app. If you want to see some fun cities and get some memorable vegan cuisine then check out these places across Canada.

Vancouver Island is a fun island to visit and a trip there wouldn't be complete without a stay in Victoria. Victoria is a small city that still has a lot to offer. It has lots of charm and there are all sorts of cool things to see and do there if you like outdoor activities, festivals, vegan food, pubs, craft beer and shopping. The size of the city is an asset for visitors since you can easily walk anywhere downtown. It is right by the ocean and it has the best year round weather in Canada.
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This is the biggest city on the west coast of Canada. There is tons of stuff to do in Vancouver. Being a big city means there is more of everything, more stuff going on and bigger events. There are many great vegan restaurants. Gas Town, a historic neighbourhood, is probably the biggest draw for tourists with its Victorian buildings and fashionable shops. Vancouver's location is part of the appeal since it is surrounded by mountains, the ocean and there are many city parks worth visiting such as Stanley Park. The weather is mild but it does rain quite a lot.
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It's the biggest city in Canada so obviously bigger cities have more stuff going on most of the time. Toronto also has a lot of character with tons of different neighbourhoods like Little Italy and Little Portugal to name a couple. There are many nice residential neighbourhoods worth a walk with greenery and beautiful houses. The city is on Lake Ontario so there is a harbourfront area to explore and you can visit the nearby Toronto islands. It's a place full of big city fun with lots of cool areas to explore and see.
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This is such a fun city to visit. It is an artistic and multifaceted city with tons of different festivals that Montreal hosts. There are many different neighbourhoods with their own unique character from the cobblestone streets of Old Montreal to the bohemian neighbourhood of Le Plateau-Mont-Royal. There is something for everyone in Montreal. It's multicultural, the people are friendly and there is entertainment all over the place. Plus the city looks great with all sorts of parks and sights to explore.
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The capital of Canada has many things to see. You can see Parliament Hill where all the big decisions are made, go to the Canadian Museum of History, or check out the National Gallery of Canada. If you like going to museums and parks then Ottawa has a lot to offer. For vegan food, there is about half a dozen vegan restaurants and lots of non-vegan places with vegan options. See for yourself on Happy Cow.

The oldest city in Canada and a very European looking city with a unique looking old town area to walk around. There is a wall surrounding the old town which is not something you expect to see in North America. The city dates back to the 1600s which is about as old as cities get in North America. Aside from admiring the beautiful architecture and historical buildings, there are a few great museums like the Musée de la civilisation. There isn't a ton of vegan places but the food we found was fantastic and we only went to one place Les Gourmandises Louca.

We enjoyed visiting PEI a lot and you will too. You will love the beaches, the parks and all the sights. It is a beautiful island. Only a little while ago they had no vegan restaurants and now Happy Cow is showing a place called Stir It Up which is good news for vegans travelling to PEI. Aside from that, there are a handful of restaurants with vegan menu options.

You have to love the charm of Canada's east coast and visiting Halifax is a must. Luckily they have a number of places for vegan food. We tried the Wild Leek Cafe and we couldn't have been more impressed with their brunch options. They have a vegan version of the famous Halifax Donair wrap and a breakfast Benny! Nearby is the famous Peggy's Cove which is a must-see attraction. Don't go on the black rocks!

We hope you have a great visit to these places in Canada. There are plenty of places we didn't cover but that doesn't mean they aren't worth visiting as well. Perhaps will cover some more of the best places veganised in Canada in a future post. These are our top favourites. This is definitely enough to get you started on your vegan travelling. Let us know where you like to visit in Canada and what sort of vegan options are available there, in the comments below. 

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