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Vegan Travel Interview with Vegan Voyagers

We are Hayden and Aaron Hall, 2 vegans traveling the US in an RV with 5 cats, a dog & a silkie chicken named Brienne of Tarth. In late 2016 we sold everything we owned and set off on an adventure of a lifetime! We plan to visit every state, every National Park, and eat at as many vegan restaurants as we possibly can. There’s no slowing down for us, as once we’ve explored the US, we plan to continue traveling internationally! 

You may remember Hayden and Aaron from when we did our mini Vegan Travel Interviews when we asked seven other vegan travel bloggers the following questions:
Why are you travelling? Why did you become vegan? and Which city did you find to be the most vegan-friendly that you have travelled to? and What is your favourite restaurant there?
Today, They are back on our blog answering more questions about their vegan travel lifestyle. We enjoy following their travels living in an RV driving around the USA and get excited about the vegan dishes they find! They have add…

9 Week Itinerary: Canadian Road Trip (Dipping into the USA)

If you are thinking of going on a cross Canada road trip you might be wondering how you would plan such a long trip or what sort of time frame you need to do a cross Canada trip. We recently did a trip across Canada and it took us 9 weeks. You could easily spend more time in each place so this itinerary would work best as the minimum amount of time you need to do a trip like this and still be able to stop in lots of place across the country.

Local currency Canadian Dollars

Week 1  Vancouver, BC - Edmonton, AB
Fly into Vancouver International airport Rent a car from the airport Drive northeast towards the Rocky MountainsExplore Kamloops and Revelstoke along the wayHead up into the mountains driving through Glacier and Yoho National ParksKeep driving north towards Saskatchewan Crossing in Banff National Park Stop at Rocky Mountain House before making your way to Edmonton, AB
Great Canadian Road Trip: 
Beautiful British Columbia: The Best Place on Earth
First Leg: Vancouver to Merritt BC


If you are planning a visit to Canada, or maybe you're a Canadian looking to do some domestic travel, then these are the places you are going to want to check out. Canada is full of natural beauty and wilderness to enjoy so there are lots of reasons to visit Canada. You're not going to find a vegan donut shop out in the wilderness so this is a city slicker guide on the best places veganised across Canada.

Chances are when you visit Canada you are going to end up in a city even if you're on your way to somewhere more remote. Bigger cities tend to be the best places to visit for vegan food in Canada. For the smaller towns, you can always try your luck at finding some vegan options or hit up the local grocery store. Use the Happy Cow app. If you want to see some fun cities and get some memorable vegan cuisine then check out these places across Canada.

Vancouver Island is a fun island to visit and a trip there wouldn't be complete without a stay in Victoria. Victori…